School Events
24th April 2013

East Zone COE T&L Professional Sharing Day

The Professional Sharing Day was successfully organised by Dunman High School, the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Teaching & Learning (EZ COE T&L), on 24 April 2013. This platform was created to enhance the professional competencies of teachers, and to encourage them to engage in continual learning.

In his opening address, Dr Foo Suan Fong, Principal of Dunman High School, underscored the instrumental role that Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers play in raising the quality of the teaching force. He drew the audience’s attention to the ministry’s recent announcements of having more professional learning opportunities for Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers, such as attachments to the ministry’s headquarters or to Master Teachers. These initiatives support a culture of teaching excellence and collaborative professionalism as the Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers learn and pass on their learning to fellow teachers.

On this occasion, 43 Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers from the East Zone stepped forward to lead 27 concurrent sessions. The response to the event was tremendous, with more than 300 participants from East Zone schools as well as a delegation of educators from Nigeria.

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