5th September 2019

Engineering Innovation Challenge 2019

A team of Year 4 students comprising Hu Tongyu (19Y4H), Desiree Choo (19Y4K) and Chin Shu Yee (19Y4L) participated in the Engineering Innovation Challenge 2019. The Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) is jointly organised by the Institute of Engineers Singapore, Science Centre and funded by the National Research foundation. It took place over the months of May to July 2019 and culminated in the National Engineers Day (NED) which was held from 19-21 July. The theme for this year’s EIC is on Radiation. The challenge was to build either simulated models or actual prototypes incorporating the theme in our project. The team’s prototype, RoboPleco, is a sustainable solution for clean waterways. It uses infrared radiation to manoeuvre around waterways to pick up floating rubbish; safeguarding Singapore’s waterways from pollution. Future editions are envisioned to incorporate solar power for greater sustainability and photometry for in-situ testing functions. We are proud to announce that our team has obtained the 3rd position in the Secondary School Category. Congratulations!

“Throughout our EIC journey, we were provided an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and to experience the fascinating and multi-faceted world of engineering.” Desiree Choo (19Y4K)

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