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9th November 2015

Financial Literacy, Hong Kong

What is the difference between Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of banking and commerce?  Why is innovation important in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship?  What can be done to encourage more startups?  With these questions in mind, 20 Year 4 students and 2 teachers flew to Hong Kong on the morning of 9th Nov 2015.

The first stop at one of the freest markets in the world is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  Since it exists under the umbrella of China, it is not surprising to learn that many of the listed stocks are from Chinese companies in the mainland.  A special sharing by Mr Robert Lim of TransAsia Private Capital reveals that while Singapore’s interest is tied to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong’s economic interdependence with China provides the latter with a unique bridge to the global economy.

In a city where real estate means everything, Sun Hung Kai Properties garnered the distinction of being the second most valuable developer in the world. Specialising in premium-quality residential and commercial projects for sale and investment, this company has literally shaped Hong Kong’s famous skyline.

Riding on the rapid growth of the internet, Hong Kong’s Cyberport is envisaged as a creative digital community.  Billed as the home to an incubation facility for ICT startups, our tour of the tenants’ workspace, training facilities, media laboratory and other IT facilities has enabled us to applaud the Hong Kong government to create a space in which IT and multimedia would be nurtured.

In addition, we also visited the Hong Kong Science Park to learn how the campus provides an environment for high-technology enterprises to connect, collaborate and catalyse. The Park is also committed to showcase environmental and sustainable solutions, with the adoption of the latest green technologies and building designs.  We attended a sharing by Hanson Robotics and learnt how the company develops human-like robots with realistic facial expressions and conversational abilities.  The company hopes to use these humanoid machines in the entertainment and health care industries.

To learn more about Hong Kong hospitality, we visited the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  This school is ranked second internationally among hotel and tourism schools based on research and scholarship.  Our first stop was Hotel Icon, which is the teaching and research hotel built for SHTM.  After a presentation, we headed to the training facilities such as Bistro 1979, where SHTM students learn and experience F&B management and operation.

On the fourth day, we had the opportunity to interact with students from Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.  After a tour of the school facilities, we played a game called “Intergenerational-ESL x Dunman” with the local students facilitated by volunteers who are retirees.  Through this game, the students learnt the value of hard work and seizing opportunities when they arise.

Whether it was standing at the top of the Victoria Peak to marvel at the spectacular views over the city or being greeted by amazing animatronic creatures and characters in Disneyland, to enjoying a cable-car ride at the Ngong Ping 360 tourism project on Lantau Island, this immersion trip has proved to be invaluable to the students and has given them an opportunity to relate their classroom learning to the real world setting.

“The 2 mains that Cyberport provides are the seed programme and incubation programme, in which financial aid is given to startups to help them grow and develop their business.  This is important as it provides a good platform for their ideas to materialise”

15Y4H Kuwabara Tsusha

“The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was a fruitful experience.  I think the most interesting takeaway is that Hong Kong maintains her competitive edge, through her listing rules, which are different from other countries, and is also an international market with the China dimension as a huge appeal”

15Y4C Joel Neo Rui En

Ms Goh Fenyu Jessica
Mr Loke Jee Wah

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