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8th December 2018

GIC-MOE Economics Experience 2018

On 5th and 6th of December 2018, Year 6 students Lauren Ong Huiru and Tan Li Zi attended the inaugural GIC-MOE Economics Experience. This two-day enrichment programme was a rare opportunity for students to gain exposure to the application of economics in the real world.

Throughout the two days, the students had the exclusive opportunity to interact with and learn from economists and finance professionals about the work they do, as well as learn more about a wide variety of financial careers in the investment management industry. Mr Kevin Bong, Deputy Director of the Economics and Investment Strategy department, and Chief Economist and Director of GIC, Dr Leslie Teo, were amongst the group of esteemed presenters.

The programme also provided unique experiences such as the NASCAR Learning Challenge, where participants had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform as members of a pit crew. They were thrust into high-pressure situations, and had to learn how to adapt in the face of sudden challenges and unfamiliar circumstances, a necessary skill in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world we live in today.

The programme also reinforced what students learnt in the Economics syllabus. Concepts such as scarcity, opportunity cost, weighing long-term and short-term utility, were among the aspects of the decision-making framework emphasised throughout the two-day programme. This allowed participants to gain an appreciation of how applicable economics is to real life.

The Dunmanians, on their part, were able to realise that life is more about learning, rather than performance, a departure from the conventional results-oriented focus. This experience would surely be a springboard for participants to engage in investment and finance.

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