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26th December 2012

Guide Guides Service Learning, Malaysia

On 26th December 2012, 20 Girl Guides of both the Junior High and Senior High sections embarked on a service and adventure trip to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh). The objectives of this trip were to facilitate bonding amongst guides of different levels through adventurous activities as well as to allow learning through service.

In the four days, the guides visited the capital of Kuala Lumpur and organised a service learning activity for the children at Agape Home. On top of that, the guides participated in various adventurous activities like wild food foraging, swift water rescue, trekking and caving. The stay at Earth Camp in Ipoh was rather refreshing as the guides slept in treehouses and bathe in toilets that were converted from old PVC tanks.

Through the various activities, the guides gained many insights about the country as well as each other. It was definitely a memorable trip for all participants.

“Apart from the new adventures we have been exposed to, I have also gained a deeper insight of Malaysia as a country. Even if I were to forget about our adventures in time to come, I am sure the learning points I have drawn from this trip will be with me for a lifetime.”
12Y4H Nicole Gan

“I visit Malaysia frequently but had never visited any places like we did during this trip before, so I am really glad to be given a chance to participate in this.”
12Y3H Ong Yeok Min

“I feel that this opportunity is a rare one since we were exposed to a totally different environment in comparison to the comfortable Singapore life we are used to having. The experience has allowed me to be more appreciative of what I have and not take things for granted. Besides that, I think that we have exercised teamwork as a whole and through each other’s help, we have managed to conquer the adventures together.”
12Y3L Crystal Low

“This Malaysia trip has been one filled with many meaningful experiences. I have learnt more about the people with me on the trip, the people I have met on the trip, and also the person inside me.”
12Y5C37 Cassandra Mun

“Being the I/C for the trip still posed as a challenge for myself even though I had participated in an Overseas Community Involvement Program (OCIP) before, because participation and being part of the planning are very much different. Nonetheless, I am glad that the prior experience did help in foreseeing some possible feasibility issues in the activities we planned and I am also thankful for this opportunity to allow myself to make use of what I have learnt from my previous trip.”
12Y5C23 Leong Yik Sheng

“This trip has opened my eyes and my heart to see things from a different perspective and be more sensitive to others. It also strengthened my mind to be more versatile in changing environments.”
12Y6C44 Nicholette Li

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