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14th November 2017

Knowledge Skills Learning Day 2017

Dunman High School’s Knowledge Skills Learning Day was held on 23 October 2017. The programmes held during this event revolved around the theme:  “Are we future ready?”

As our society becomes increasingly automated with cyber-physical integration and the infusion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), there is a critical need for students to develop essential skill sets that marry perspectives in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities. These skill sets will help them to manage the demands of the changing workplace and participate in our changing society. The experiences that the students were exposed to during Knowledge Skills Learning Day were geared towards developing their 21st Century Competencies and a passion for lifelong learning.

Dunmanians had the opportunity to showcase their achievements and experiences from various research programmes to the rest of the school. This allowed students to acquire more information about the talent development opportunities available for them to supplement their academic journey.

In addition to the presentations made by the respective research groups in Dunman High, the students were also engaged in a variety of learning sessions in which they explored different areas in the fields of STEM, Humanities and Languages. Some of the learning sessions include hands-on activities, workshops and learning journeys to various higher learning institutions.

Teo Zuo Rui from 17Y2E shared the following about his experience as a participant in the Molecular Gastronomy workshop:

“Knowledge Skills Learning Day was a blast as there were many exciting programmes planned for us. Attending the Molecular Gastronomy Workshop was an eye-opener for me as we were introduced to useful practical applications of science beyond the classroom. We made food out of chemicals through processes like Spherification and Gelification, which were all very fascinating. I have learnt that science has greatly improved our lives in one way or another, so we should appreciate the applications of science all around us. Another important takeaway that I had is not to limit our learning to the content we learn in class, but to be brave enough to try out new things and participate in more hands-on activities!”

Another participant, Boh Duang Fu from 17Y3E also highlighted some of the learning points from her learning journey to the National University of Singapore (NUS) Museum:

“The trip to the NUS Museum was a refreshing experience. During this learning journey we got to identify materials used in ceramic ware, learnt to identify them by their colour and texture, and were later shown a collection of ceramics from Southeast Asia. In this short session on ceramics and its history, I gained great insights about the use of different types of ceramic ware as well as what they symbolise in the social context of Asian history. These art exhibitions allowed me to draw parallels between the artwork and things that are commonly recognised in our daily lives, ranging from human anatomy to batik cloth. We were also introduced to the interesting concept of simplistic performance art that could be showcased in a museum exhibition. Finally, being able to enter a curator’s workspace gave us an idea of what went on behind the scenes; the deliberation behind as well as the curation of art pieces for an exhibition. This learning journey has inspired me to look at art with a more perceptive eye and to see the abstract elements in what is tangible; as well as link elements of art to history and what is around me, and has therefore been an enriching learning experience for me.”

Quek Rui Chin from 17Y2F summarised her takeaways from the Aroma Chemistry Workshop:

“Ever wondered how perfume is made? I got a taste of that at the Aroma Chemistry workshop I attended. At the workshop, we gained insights into the manufacturing process of perfume and how one bottle of perfume was actually a blend of three distinct scents. We were then given the chance to synthesize a scent (in our case root beer scent), as well as to make our own perfume by blending it with other scents such as vanilla and grapefruit. In addition, we were given a head start in learning chemistry by acquiring knowledge of new scientific terms and processes. This goes to show how science has a place in every corner of our lives, even in what we smell!”

Through the Knowledge Skills Learning Day, Dunmanians were given opportunities to appreciate the joy of learning, beyond the mere paper chase for academic results. May this experience inspire them to persist in their journey of discovery and learning.

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