Overseas Trips
12th January 2018

London International Conference on Education (LICE) 2017

On 8 December 2017, five Dunman High School teachers, Mdm Khoo Geok Hwa (HOD/Curriculum), Ms Lee Li Juan (SH/ Chemistry) (Senior High), Mr Tiah Junkai (SH/Data Management), Mr Goh Wei Bin (Chemistry Teacher) (Senior High), Mr Vina Ng Bei Ling (Chemistry Teacher) (Senior High), set off to London to attend the London International Conference on Education (LICE) 2017 which focused on global issues in education and research this year. This conference provided opportunities to bridge knowledge gaps as well as to promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy among international professionals from education. LICE is one of the largest and most attended international conferences in the world. The five teachers were invited to present two papers (Mathematics and Chemistry) at the 4-day conference held at the University of Cambridge, Churchill College.

At the conference, the teachers also attended concurrent sessions and workshops that shared the latest research findings on various topics in education and their future impacts. In one of these sessions, Ms Marisa Verster, a lecturer in curriculum studies, spoke about the importance of curriculum design in engaging students in quality learning. This sharing served as a timely reminder for us, educators, to reflect on what, how and why we teach. The knowledge shared was particularly useful for the teachers to review the current practices and re-design their curriculum to better cater to the evolving learning needs of the 21st century.

Another concurrent workshop conducted by Vikki Pendry was particularly useful. Vikki shared on the different aspects of international curriculum development and illustrated how curriculum design has a direct impact on the capacity of schools and ministries of education to work towards meeting the 2030 Global Goals. Participants were reminded to make our curriculum fascinating for students to enjoy, providing opportunities and possibilities. She also stressed that one important curriculum aim is to equip students to succeed in everything they do. Participants also learned that a world-class curriculum should fulfil several criteria, including meeting the needs of its learner, and being rooted to its own locality and context.

The conference was an eye opener for the teachers not least because they were at the famous University of Cambridge, the nexus of knowledge, but also because their work was validated and acknowledged as quality work. They were proud to represent Dunman High School and demonstrate their passion towards using research-backed pedagogy to enhance their students’ learning. They had benefited greatly from the various concurrent sessions that they had attended and the insights by the various Keynote Speakers also served to broaden their perspectives on emerging global trends in education. They would like to express their deepest gratitude towards the School for providing them with the necessary resources to conduct the studies, and for this valuable learning trip to Cambridge.

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