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10th October 2019

MOE Geography Talent Development Programme 2019

Last year, a team of four Year 4 students represented Dunman High in the NUS Geography Challenge 2018. Following their outstanding performance in the Individual Component, two of the members Yeo Gek Kai (19Y5C21) and Koh Yu Qing (19Y5C44) were invited to the MOE Geography Talent Development Programme 2019 (TDP).  Organised by MOE’s CPDD Geography Unit annually, the TDP offers these selected students opportunities to further their passion in Geography and deepen their mastery of the subject through a series of seminars, field-based learning and career exploration sessions. As TDP participants, the students learned from academic experts, industry professionals and one another. At the end of the year, students were also offered opportunities for work attachments at various organisations such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), NParks and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) where they can learn from professionals about real-world applications of Geography and develop workplace skills and dispositions that are valued by employers.

Here are the reflections of Gek Kai and Yu Qing after attending the programme:

“ If life were a river, I would be a sediment, and TDP 2019 was where rivers converged, allowing sediments from different backgrounds to meet, cooperate, maybe coalesce. On top of simply growing mentally, discussing contemporary geographical developments like the potential growth of a undeveloped swath of land called Cashew, to the insidious threat of climate change, I grew to truly appreciate this human yet physical world of ours we call home.” – Yeo Gek Kai (19Y5C21)

“I learned a lot more about geography, both physical and human, outside the A-Level syllabus and it was a really intriguing experience, especially when it came to more applicable concepts in Singapore such as migration or climate change. Knowledge aside, we got to make many new friends from other schools who shared a similar passion for Geography, sometimes in the strangest ways. There were some really wacky moments, like when all of us suddenly discovered we had a common love for yardangs and fjords.”
– Koh Yu Qing (19Y5C44)

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