Overseas Trips
1st June 2014

Narrogin Residential Exchange Programme, Australia

On the 31st of May 2014, we departed for Narrogin, Perth, Australia to take part in the Narrogin Exchange Programme between our school and Narrogin Residential College.

Narrogin Exchange Progamme aims to give us a first-hand experience of Australian culture through experiencing the daily lives of typical country-style Australians rather than being a tourist to the country. Through this programme, we get to interact with students from Narrogin Residential College that come from a completely different background and learn more about life outside of a city like Singapore. Students will also gain an insight of the Australian education system and also forge great friendships with international students.

Before heading over to the Narrogin Residential College, we stayed for 3 days in Perth, where we toured the city and visited places like the Monument Hill, Perth Mint, Swan Bell Tower, Caversham Wildlife Park and King’s Park, as well as shopping around the Freemantle Flea Market and Harbour Town. We also went to visit the University of Western Australia, where we went on a tour with some of our alumni and their friends, as well as City Beach College for dinner to interact with the students there.

After the third day, we proceeded to Narrogin Residential College. We stayed in the Residential College for three days. where we interacted with our school buddies and followed them to classes at Narrogin Senior High School, experiencing the education system there as well as Residential College life, all which defer greatly from the system back in Singapore, having classes like Aboriginal Art class and cooking class. We also presented our performance item, Pompeii by Bastille, to the school during their assembly period. We also visited the Dryandra Woodland on the second night to view the nocturnal wildlife there and paid a visit to the Agricultural College to see how the students learned to be professionals in the field of agriculture.

At the end of that third day at the Residential College, our homestay buddies brought us back home to experience farm stay and tour of the neighbouring towns. Many of our buddies have kangaroos, horses, ostriches, camels, lambs and alpacas on their farm and even as pets. We experience many new things like milking cows, brushing horse, riding on a tractor and tasting kangaroo meat, roasting marshmallows over wildfire, enjoying the most beautiful sunset and counting stars at night. The two-night homestay passed quickly and we had to headed back to the Residential College for the farewell dinner before retiring for the night and taking the afternoon flight back to Singapore the next day. It was an unforgettable trip and we wish we could spend more time there.

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