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10th May 2018

NPCC Day 2018

On the 8th of May 2018, our NPCC cadets and teachers commemorated NPCC Day (officially held on 7th May) by donning their full uniforms proudly to reaffirm their dedication to the Corps.

Leading the unit on that day were several of our Year 4 Cadet Leaders including Sergeant Ng Jing Xuan (raising the school flag), Staff Sergeant Tan Shao Xuan (raising the NPCC flag), Staff Sergeant Seah Boon Keat (raising the national flag), Station Inspector Lee Zhi Kai Kirby (commander) and Station Inspector Yang Qiaowan (for a sharing on her journey).

Following the flag-raising ceremony, Boon Keat and Jing Xuan shared the NPCC Day message from Associate Professor Stephen Chua (Chairman of Home Team Corps Council). Professor Chua highlighted the ongoing collaborative efforts between NPCC and NCDCC (National Civil Defence Cadet Corps) which culminated in the creation of the Home Team Corps Council to oversee both Uniformed Groups. He also shared about the efforts undertaken to maintain the relevance of NPCC programmes for cadets by working closely with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and external organisations including the NUS Forensic Department.

Subsequently, Qiaowan shared with the school about her personal journey in NPCC, focusing on how various camps helped to hone her leadership skills:

“Good Morning School, I am Station Inspector Yang Qiaowan and today I will be sharing more about NPCC. Apart from our weekly trainings which focus on physical training, campcraft and foot drills, we also participate in two camps annually. During the recent December holidays, my squad went through the Survival Training Camp at Pulau Ubin. Through this camp, I learn to undertake various tasks and challenges beyond my comfort zone while also making new friends with cadets from other schools. I also learn to challenge my limits while completing some activities such as Flying Fox and Basic Survival Skills. However, it wasn’t the activities that had left a lasting impression on me. It was the Cadet Inspectors, our seniors, who had organised the camp. Not only were they confident, firm and certain of everything, they also led us by example. From them, I learn to lead more confidently and efficiently and I put this knowledge to good use when I became the camp organizer for our unit’s Annual League Camp in March this year. It was a huge responsibility for me as I had not organised anything similar in scale prior to this camp.  As such, organising the camp was an enriching experience as I develop myself further as a team player and a leader while also treasuring the last camp that I will participate in with my squad. Our cadets not only participate enthusiastically in this camp but also in other activities organised by our home team.”

We are proud to share that our Dunman High NPCC Unit has done the school proud by attaining the Gold award for the year 2017 again. The NPCC Corp would like to thank the school leaders, Mr Goh Wei Bin, both Ms Syikins, Ms Jessica Goh, Mr Jason Chan, and all members of the teaching faculty and our EAS staff for their continued support and understanding.

Last but not least, to the cadets, past and present: The Dunman High NPCC Corp thanks you for your dedication and service to NPCC. May NPCC Day 2018 be of much meaning to you, whether in renewing your commitment to the corps, recalling your past memories of NPCC, wearing the uniform proudly or simply creating more memories with your squad mates.

Wishing everyone a Happy NPCC Day 2018!

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