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19th March 2013

ODAC Cycling Expedition 2013, Desaru

On the 19th of March, 26 students and 4 teachers from ODAC took bumboat from Changi jetty to Tanjong Pengelih jetty, Johore, Malaysia to embark on our 2 days 1 night ODAC Desaru Cycling Expedition. Our challenge was to complete a total of 105km and through our journey, the Year 5 & 6s got to bond with one another while building up their teamwork as well as leadership capabilities!

As we began the journey from Tanjong Pengelih jetty, Johore, we challenged the blistering sun on route to our destination, Lotus Desaru Resort. We travelled along the kampong roads, visiting temples along the way. The houses and vast lands were a sight to see as we continued our journey towards the town. As we made our way to Sungai Rengit, we got to see the living conditions of the locals living around there. The locals and students were quite excited to have us pass by with our bicycles, some of them exclaiming and waving as we rode on. The toughest challenge by far came as we approached the slopes near the end. The numerous uphill slopes proved to be strenuous for many of us but the constant encouragement we received from each other and especially from the Year 6s were enough to overcome the physical challenge and bond us together.

The highlight of the trip was when we were all seated in a field at a resort, enjoying the company of each other under the stars. As we shared and discussed with each other our own experiences, I came to realize how blessed I was to have this group of people in my life.

As we made our return trip, we took an alternate path and visited the beach side before returning to the town for a stopover. As we returned to Tanjong Pengelih jetty for our return trip back to Singapore, we found ourselves congratulating each other for a job well done.

Overall, this was a fruitful experience as well as a big eye-opener for all of us. As we become closer to our seniors, we become closer to nature as a whole. It was safe to say that we have learnt that executing such an expedition was no easy feat and we are all grateful for the teachers and seniors who helped us in planning and making this journey a worthwhile one for us.

‘Remember this experience because there will be no other time where you can sit here with this same group of people under the stars’

13Y5C32 Lau En Cheng Max

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