Overseas Trips
6th June 2015

ODAC, Pahang, Western Malaysia

This holiday, 6th to 11th June, the Year 5 ODAC batch as well as 4 teachers set off on an expedition to Pahang, West Malaysia to ascend the tallest mountain, “Gunung Tahan” at 2,187m. It would take 4 days to complete the 64km journey and it was not an easy feat to accomplish, but with sheer grit, determination, the months of effort from everyone paid off.  It started with an immense amount of preparation that ranged from the physical such as the intense staircase climbing training to preparing a detailed plan for the execution of the expedition. Even the simplest task such as food preparation to orientating a terrain that we had not experienced before proved to be adequately challenging. Along the way, the team bonded as we co-ordinated and learnt to respect and work with each other – meaningfully tapping onto each other’s strengths and supporting our respective weakness.

Since the completion our expedition, we carry with us all the fond memories from Tahan. Braving the rain, the cold and the mud, being at the mercy of sand flies, sweat bees and leeches, bathing in the freezing river and star-gazing atop the cold peak are just some of the memories that will stay with us forever. Without a doubt, friendships were forged and strengthened, and everyone learnt the lesson of putting others before oneself. Although putting oneself before others is easier said than done, this expedition allowed us to truly understand the meaning behind “others before self” where we were all tested to our limits both physically and mentally, but came out of it stronger than ever before- particularly during the post expedition debrief.

All in all, this was definitely a trip to remember and look back on fondly for years to come. Words cannot express the emotions that were felt and the lessons that were learnt through this once-in-a-lifetime expedition, but they are sure to stay close to our hearts.

Tng Yue Lin Geraldine,

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