School Events
4th December 2013


To celebrate the end of A-levels, and to give a formal closure to the six-year Dunman High School journey, Prom Night 2013 was held for the graduating batch of Year 6s at Goodwood Park Hotel on 4th of December. The event was organised by the 7th Senior High Student Council Student Welfare Department and a handful of enthusiastic Year 5 students. The theme for the night was Soirée Eternelle, which means a timeless evening in French.

With an infinity sign on the stage and white roses placed on every table, the ballroom was ready. The Year 6s were welcomed with a cocktail reception and photo booth. The ladies were in their gorgeous gowns and sophisticated hair and makeup, while the gentlemen were absolutely dashing in their suit and tie.

The programme for the night was both casual and heart-warming. There were performances put up by the band Just Chill, and the Senior High String Ensemble. The humorous emcees and the game ‘Touch no See’ also gave everyone present a good laugh. 20 lucky winners walked away with the various lucky draw prizes, of which the top prize was the newest Ipad mini with Retina Display.

The highlight of the night was the crowning of the Prom King, Peter Loh York Liang, and Prom Queen, Regina Ng Si En, who got the ballroom wild with their catwalk. A series of other awards were also presented to the deserving recipients, including Best Smile, Best dressed, and Best Hairstyle.

Towards the end of the night, a video montage was played to relive the fond memories of their years in Dunman High. The montage included pictures from 2008, their first year in Dunman High, to Graduation Day 2013 which was just about a month ago. The night ended with Dr Foo giving a closing address that reminded us of being part of the big Dunmanian family. Soirée Eternelle was definitely a night that will stay in the hearts of the graduating batch

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