2nd August 2020

PSC Scholarships Award Ceremony 2020

The school would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our former students, Lim En Ning (Class of 2019) and Sim Zheng Hao (Class of 2017) for being awarded PSC Scholarships this year.

The PSC Scholarships are for outstanding young men and women who not only have a drive for excellence, but also committed to serving Singapore and Singaporeans through a Public Service career. The ceremony was held virtually on 22 July 2020 and was graced by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade & Industry and Minister-in-Charge of the Public Service. The Public Service Division added that from this year onwards, only PSC scholarship recipients who are pursuing their studies in the current year will be announced.

With a passion to serve and the desire to bring Singapore forward, En Ning and Zheng Hao shared with us how they feel about taking up the scholarship, and what they would like to say to the younger Dunmanians.

“Receiving this scholarship is a very humbling experience. I am grateful to be given this opportunity, for me to pursue a technical job I am passionate about and to work for a cause that deeply resonates with me. As I start my university journey with the PSC Scholarship, I hope to be able to grow and improve in the ways I serve our community and to effectively contribute to Singapore’s progress as a country and; in the defence sector, to better understand the issues in Singapore and develop a vision for Singapore’s future. I have chosen to take up NTU’s Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) due to the holistic nature of the course and overseas opportunities, where I hope to expand my worldview and provide a different perspective towards the issues faced in Singapore. To my juniors, grades are seemingly a stepping stone to where you want to get to but passion is what brings you far and sustains you in doing what you believe in so don’t give up on what you hope to do be and work hard for what you want to achieve.” — Lim En Ning (Class of 2019)

“I am very honoured to be awarded the Singapore Police Force Scholarship to study Liberal Studies at New York University. A career with the Singapore Police Force has been my lifelong dream.

COVID-19 has ultimately revealed the importance of flexibility and empathy and this is what I hope to eventually bring to the Police Force and public service.

I am immensely grateful for Dunman High School – the school provided students with opportunities to serve and lead, and the teachers imparted valuable lessons that shaped me into who I am today.

To my juniors, I hope that in a crazy year where we’ve all had to adapt the way we live and learn, you have found time to consider what you want to do in future! Be resilient in the face of difficulties and always be yourself. All the best!!!” – Sim Zheng Hao (Class of 2017)

Congratulations to En Ning and Zheng Hao once again, and also to all their family and teachers who have played a role in guiding and developing them throughout these years.

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