Overseas Trips
15th May 2014

PyCon APAC Taipei, Taiwan

6 students from Dunman High School presented talks at the PyCon APAC (Python Conference Asia Pacific) 2014 held in Taipei, Taiwan from 17 to 18 May 2014. This marks the first time students not only attend conferences to learn from academia and industry practitioners, but also share their projects and findings with an international audience. Being the youngest presenters at the PyCon APAC, the students impressed upon the organizers and participants how they have synthesized and applied their Computing knowledge and skills to benefit the school community and beyond, as well as provide ideas on how an integrated and practical Computing curriculum can be shaped in high schools to better prepare learners for the increasingly innovation, technology and programming driven future. The student representatives and their topics are:

from present import future curriculum

  • 14Y6C23 Tan Jin Yi Ambrose
  • 14Y6C24 Ng Cheryl

HiPy – Python for High School Students

  • 14Y6C23 Nie Shuyue
  • 14Y6C23 Song Kai
  • 14Y6C23 Wu Chenmu

Time for Education – Data Mining in High School

  • 14Y6C23 Zhan Yuli

Students’ reflections
“Attending the variety of talks enlightened me about the various ways Python could be used, be it a data processing tool or a text analyser. I feel inspired to learn how to use Python in the different ways – something to consider after the A-Levels!”
14Y6C24 Ng Cheryl

“The topics shared during PyCon APAC 2014 covered a wide range of knowledge related to Python. The audiences appreciated the speakers’ effort and people shared their knowledge and resources generously. I really felt that the programmers were selfless and willing to contribute to help others learn and improve.”
14Y6C23 Nie Shuyue

“I was always worried about if our presentation was too shallow for the core developers. Yet at PyCon APAC 2014, I was amazed by how friendly and inclusive Python community is.”
14Y6C23 Song Kai

“The various talks have enabled a better and more in-depth understanding about Python. I am more aware of the different levels and layers as well as the supportive community that we have guiding us and working with us.”
14Y6C23 Tan Jin Yi Ambrose

“We are exposed to a variety of usage of Python that we have never known before, and inspired by the spirit of sharing in the Python community. It is a meaningful journey for us to share our learning experience and achievements in school to international audience.”
14Y6C23 Wu Chenmu
14Y6C23 Zhan Yuli

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