Overseas Trips
7th November 2015

Science Immersion Programme, Taiwan

During the November holidays, a group of 19 Year 3 students flew to Taipei, Taiwan for a 9-day immersion programme.

One of the main highlights of the trip was a series of visits to the National Taiwan University to attend workshops and lectures designed to impart scientific knowledge to students in addition to giving them a glimpse of the education system in Taiwan. Our students had the opportunity to tour the university campus and interact with some of the students there.

Students visited the Taipei Astronomical Museum and Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology to learn more about science education and about the ancient history of Taiwan, and went for a sightseeing tour of Yangmingshan National Park to see the hot springs and volcanoes there.

We also visited the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering where we learnt how physics is put into play to save billions of lives from a potential natural disaster. Hydraulics and ball bearings are used to allow structures to absorb as much shaking as possible to minimise damage and casualties.

During the trip, students also paid a visit to Kang Chiao Bilingual School where we attended some of our counterparts’ lessons and had an eye-opening experience learning in this new environment. Students also took part in various interesting co-curricular activities and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the school.

We enjoyed the trip, learnt a lot through the various activities during this immersion but most importantly learnt to appreciate Singapore even more.







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