Overseas Trips
2nd June 2015

Scout Overseas Learning Journey, Hong Kong

From the 2nd June till 6th June, Dunman High School Crane Scout Group visited Hong Kong and our affiliates Ngan Po Ling College and the Scout Association of Hong Kong. A total of 24 students and 4 teachers, led by Ms Eileen Lim successfully completed the Overseas Learning Journey which gave everyone an insight into Hong Kong’s dynamism and its school and scouting systems. The members of Crane Scout Group from Year 1 to Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they sat in astronomy, art, economics and other classes conducted by illustrious teachers from Ngan Po Ling College. DHS students also visited an observatory built on the roof of the school to witness solar spots and flares that could be seen via a powerful telescope. Students in Hong Kong enjoy multidisciplinary learning and have a well-rounded education.

As the group hit the streets on a walking tour, students also experienced living and eating in Hong Kong. Many students were amazed by the numerous types of food available that tantalised their taste buds. The cuisine also reflected the adaptability of Hong Kongers, with the fusion of Western and Cantonese cuisine seen in some of the ‘Cha Chan Tengs’ or cafes. Visits to The Peak and a hike up Dragon’s Back Trail exposed the students to the scenic views of the harbour and its surrounding environment. Another trip to the largest freshwater reservoir in Hong Kong, built many years ago, allowed students to see how the government planned for the needs of an expanding city. Further insights from the Urban Renewal Authority created greater appreciation for the living environment and space in Singapore.

The students also got to see geographic features- rock formations from molten magma and earthquakes that formed aesthetic patterns, which fascinated students and made Geography come alive as they stood at the fault lines of prehistoric change. Another fascinating visit was to the Scout HQ, which hosted the hotel which students stayed in. With the warm welcome extended by the Scout Association of Hong Kong, the scouts experienced ‘Universal Brotherhood’, an aspect of Scouting that emphasised a global mindset. This was synonymous with DHS values and the trip allowed the students to experience it first-hand.

Daily debriefs and discussions consolidated the learnings which students had undergone. This allowed the trip to be both culturally and academically enriching. Many thanks to the school for facilitating this trip!

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