10th October 2019

SG75: Our Singapore Competition

The SG75: Our Singapore Competition is organised by the People’s Association in partnership with the Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru Citizens’ Consultative Committee. The theme of the competition this year is Sustainability: Land and Development, which aims to envision a sustainable Singapore in the near future and to reflect on our role in ensuring Singapore’s continued development. A team of students from 19Y2C, comprising Janelle Tan, Michelle Chai, Rachel Khong, Carine Lee, Stella Cheng and Tan Ler Xen, participated in earnest to learn about the geographical constraints of Singapore and to explore ways to overcome this challenge. As part of the competition engagement session, the team collaborated with students from other schools through LEGO Serious Play to brainstorm innovative ways to achieve sustainability in Singapore. This later inspired their competition entry, which took the form of an essay and poem, that imagines a future full of possibilities for maximising land usage and repurposing of existing structures. The team clinched second prize for their creativity and efforts. Here’s to the future urban planners of Singapore!

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