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27th February 2019

STEP 2018/2019 The Continuation

Rayongwittayakom School, Thailand and Dunman High School, Singapore have been in a unique friendship for more than 20 years. This year marks our 21st year of friendship and it began with our Rayong friends visiting us in January 2019. The 2018/19 team had visited them in Rayong last Novemeber and it was now our turn to be gracious hosts. This journey has seen our students take to their role as global citizens with greater self-awareness and consideration for others. They have grown just as our friendship with Rayongwittayakom School has grown over the years and as in the words of our STEP participant “the relationship does not stop there, it will continue to grow” –

With the constant support and company of my friends and teachers, I was able to grow and nurture myself to the fullest as a host for my buddy as well as a student learning in another environment. The precious memories that I have collected from such a seemingly short-lasting time spent together will deeply be engraved in my mind that I can fondly look back at and constantly replay to myself again. –  Charmaine Tan, 3I

There are happy moments that we spent together as well as the saddening farewells that we had to bid, but I believe, the farewells are necessary. Only by doing so, we will meet again. STEP 2018/19 was an unforgettable journey that I walkthrough alongside with my friends and family. I am very lucky to have been able to experience these 16 days of my life with all the people in step. – Wang Yihui, 3L

If you were to ask me today, whether I knew my buddy well enough or not, I would tell you no. If you were to ask me ten years later, whether I knew my buddy well enough or not, I would tell you the same answer I had replied you with 10 years before. 14 days were just not enough, and it would be impossible to chat every single day consecutively for years. But the relationship does not stop there; it will continue to grow, perhaps as slow as a snail, but it will grow nonetheless, taller, stronger; day by day, week by week, month by month. – Huang Shi Rui, 3L

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