Overseas Trips
27th June 2013

STEP Camp, Thailand

From the 27th June to 3rd of July, a group of 10 Dunmanians, from Year 3 and Year 4, took part in the Singapore-Thailand Enhanced Partnership Programme (STEP) 2013. 10 schools from Singapore participated, partnering 10 schools from all over Thailand. For Dunman High School, we continued our partnership with Rayongwittayakom School from the Rayong Province of Thailand. The aim of this programme is to allow Singaporeans to diversify their knowledge of the outside world and, at the same time, forge strong bonds with the people from Thailand.

For the first 3 days of the camp component, we visited popular tourist and local hotspots such as the Singapore Discovery Centre, Singapore Science Centre and Gardens by The Bay. The visit to Gardens by the Bay allowed our Thai counterparts to have a view of Singapore’s beautiful cityscape while the visits to the Singapore Discovery Centre as well as the Singapore Science Centre allowed our fellow Thai buddies to learn more about Singapore’s history and development. Other than visiting such places, we also had fun team building activities which include the playing of traditional games and Rojak making. Through such fun and engaging games, our Thailand counterparts learnt more about our local delights, the way we live, our different races and cultures. During the short three-day camp, we managed to spend a lot of time together with our Thai buddies, learning through play. We not only got to forge stronger friendships with our Thai buddies but with local students from the other 9 schools as well.

Day four was our day out with our Thai buddies and families. Most of us visited the must-see tourist hotspot, Sentosa. Some of us even took the cable car and watched the laser show “Song of the Sea”. Others went to shop at famous shopping districts in Singapore such as Orchard as well as Bugis. During our day out, we had a great time introducing delicious Singaporean local delights to our Thai buddies!

For the remaining three days of the homestay, our school planned fun-filled and enriching activities for us. We went to the Universal Studios on Day 5. All our Thai buddies were thrilled to take the exhilarating and jaw-breaking rides such as the Transformers 4-D roller-coaster as well as the Human roller-coaster. Some of us even attempted the Cyclone, which is a high-speed roller-coaster that involves three-hundred and sixty degree spins. We took many other rides as well and watched a show at the Waterworks. On Day 6, we spent the morning in school learning Chinese calligraphy as well as Chinese Ink Painting. Afterwards, we headed to the nearby Kallang Leisure Park for bowling, movie as well as ice-skating. During the evening, we went to Bukit Batok Secondary School for the closing ceremony that signified the end of STEP 2013.

STEP 2013 allowed us to learn to be a gracious host towards our Thai buddies. Although communicating may be difficult at times, language is never a barrier. We still managed to communicate well with one other and have a good laugh about our wrong interpretations towards each other. Our Thai buddies are really kind, considerate and fun loving people who are easy to get along with. Through STEP 2013, we have forged strong friendships with each other. We sincerely hope that they had a fun and enriching time and have learnt things that they could take back with them to Thailand. We are very glad to have this rare opportunity to be chosen to take part in this wonderful and enriching programme. Last but not least, we would also like to thank Miss Lee Siew Choo and Mr Teoh Ai Kong for working extremely hard to make this a fun and eventful programme for us.

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