Overseas Trips
12th November 2015

STEP Homestay, Thailand

From November 12th to 19th, Dunman High School went on our annual Singapore-Thailand Exchange Programme (STEP) to Rayongwittayakom School. 9 students and 3 teachers went to Rayong, Thailand where the students were attached to a Thai buddy and went about life as a Thai student.

The objectives of the immersion programme are:

  1. Provide an avenue for meaningful interaction between Singapore and Thai students, to promote international friendship and strengthen collaboration across borders;
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to experience the educational system of another country;
  3. Help students understand and appreciate the culture of another country;
  4. Develop students’ cross-cultural skills.

During these 7 days, DHS students got to experience life as Thai teenagers as they stayed with their buddy and went to the same classes as them.  They learnt fruit craving, cooking Thai food, Thai traditional dance and Thai Boxing.

Other than school lessons, the students also went to Chantaburi province, visiting temples and mangrove swamps where they got to understand Thailand’s effort in land reclamation and how movements on protecting nature are being carried out.

At the end of the trip, many lasting friendships were forged and our students were very touched by the hospitality shown to them by their host families. We cannot wait to host our Thai guests when they visit us next year!

“I was deeply touched by what had happened before I had departed on the plane for Singapore.  Firstly, my buddy had actually woken up an hour earlier to search the entire house to ensure I did not leave anything behind. Next the other Thai buddies had followed us to the airport and gave me presents (despite me not being very close to them). Lastly, when I had touched down at Singapore, I was greeted by messages sent by my buddy’s parents who were checking in if I was fine. This has again showed me the strong sense of family and friendship in Thailand. Looking back on my trip to Rayong, I was really able to explore Thailand’s culture and environment. This has allowed me to appreciate Thailand better and has taught me some essential values such as filial piety and friendship.  This trip was extremely beneficial to me and I will not forget it.”

Nai Jiawen Joel

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