Overseas Trips
10th November 2016

STEP Homestay, Thailand

A team of 14 Year 2 and Year 3 students, accompanied by Vice Principal Mr Chua and four teachers, embarked on a trip to Rayongwittayakom School of Thailand on a STEP Homestay Programme on 10 November 2016. While many of them were excited, there was also a feeling of uncertainty as they would be spending the following eight days away from their familiar homes to be with their Thai buddies and families. However, their fears were quickly put to rest when their new friends welcomed them at the airport with their warm smiles, flower garlands, gifts and food. After a series of well thought-out programmes and activities organised by Rayongwittayakom School and their host families, our students were successfully inducted into the lives of a student in Thailand. More importantly, they also formed meaningful friendship with their Thai friends and immersed themselves in the rich culture and history of Thailand. Many of them were especially touched by the hospitality and kindness of their host families and learnt to appreciate the different lifestyles they had. They look forward to welcoming their Thai buddies and their teachers to Singapore in January 2017.

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