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18th June 2012

STEP Homestay, Thailand

From the 17th to the 24th of June, a group of 10 Dunmanians, from Year 2 and Year 3, took part in the Singapore- Thailand Enhanced Partnership Programme. 10 schools from Singapore participated in this programme. The aim of this is to allow Singaporeans to diversify their knowledge of the outside world and, at the same time, build strong friendships with the people in Thailand.

For the first three days, we have visited many places, like the Wax Museum, The Fruit Garden, The Rose Garden and the orchid farm. The tour of the museum and the visitation of the various places have educated us about the sacred culture and history of the Thailand. At the centre, the Thai Students had set up various booths showcasing the backgrounds of different ASEAN countries. We were also learnt to cook various Thai delicacies, like Tom Yum Koong and Papaya Salad. There were also team-building games for us to create stronger bonds with our Thai buddies and built new friendships with different people from other schools.

On the 4th day, we left Naprasith Training Centre for our partner school, Rayongwittayakom School. At the school, we learnt the Thai language and dance from the Thai teachers. The Thai dance is perform during happy occasions and helps to bond the people together. After learning the Thai dance, we had to perform it during our farewell party and we had a whale of a time watching different interesting performances put up by the Thai students.

Our homestay with our Thai counterparts has been very fruitful to us as we get to observe and feel how a typical day at a Thai home is like. Many of us visited the Khaw Keow Open Zoo before going separate ways to visit other places in Thailand. A few of us went to a famous shopping mall to buy some souvenirs for our friends and family. Although communication between us and their family may be very difficult, our buddies saved us by being the English-Thai translator. Their hospitality touched our hearts as they made us feel very welcomed and at ease despite the language barrier being present.

This trip allowed us to understand the culture of Thailand and learn moral values from her hospitable people. Her people taught us how to be more gracious and accepting to others not only through their words, but also their actions. They have shown us that language was never a barrier when getting to know someone new. Their constant care and kindness towards our needs and requests has taught us to be kind and accepting of others. Their happiness and simplicity have taught us how to be simple yet happy at the same time. We are very glad to have this rare opportunity to be chosen to take part in this wonderful programme. We also like to thank Miss Lee Siew Choo and Mr Sivanesan s/o V Makesan for accompany us in this trip. It has been a very eventful trip for the 10 of us.

12Y2I Lim Jun De

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