Overseas Trips
6th June 2015

Summer Camp, Shanghai, China

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the economic ties between Singapore and Shanghai, the Chinese Overseas Exchange Association invited 40 ethnic Chinese – 10 from each of the four Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools, namely: Dunman High School, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High School and River Valley High School to embark on a summer camp journey in search of their “roots” and reconnect with their heritage. Throughout the 2-week-long summer camp from 6 June to 19 June, we have immersed ourselves deeply into the Chinese culture and heritage by attending historic and cultural appreciation lessons, visiting heritage landmarks and experiencing the way of life of the Shanghai natives. Not to forget, we had also forged meaningful relationships with the students from the other SAP schools.

During this trip, we have also visited nearby cities, Hangzhou and Suzhou. In Nanjing, we visited famous places such as the West Lake and the XiXi National Wetland Park. In Suzhou, we visited the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. The Suzhou Industrial Park is a county-level administrative area located in Suzhou with significant Singapore influences. Crossing the 20th year mark of establishment in 2014, Suzhou Industrial Park has developed into a competitive high-tech industrial park and a modern garden-like city. The Suzhou Industrial Park serves to foster a stronger relationship between China and Singapore as the two countries enter their 26th year of partnership.

We also had an overnight farmstay at 大千生态园. During the short one day trip, we were given the chance to tour around the farm, witnessing exotic animals like the black swan basking in the sun. We have also engaged in many hands-on activities, such as harvesting crops, making dumplings and trying out archery. After dinner, we had a mini bonfire where we danced and played many games. It strengthened our relationship with students from other schools and we got to know one another better. Overall, the farmstay was an enriching experience and also a memorable part of this learning journey.

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