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31st May 2015

Table Tennis Overseas Learning Journey, Taiwan

The Taiwan Trip Immersion Trip had indeed been an extremely eye-opening and fulfilling one as the team got to experience and learn about the world beyond our little red dot.

One thing that the team learnt on the trip was that the Taiwanese people have been educated on environmental friendliness and have also been taught from young to sort out their waste products for recycling purposes. This practice, however, is not commonly found in Singapore as we mainly rely on cleaners to help maintain our cleanliness. The team feels that this practice could be implemented in Singapore, to allow Singaporeans to do their part in conserving the environment.

The highlight of the trip was of course the exchange programmes with Lishan Junior High School and Jin Hua Junior High School, which were both well-known for table tennis. The team had a chance to participate in their lessons and got to know more about their schooling culture and realizing what a huge difference there is in our schooling lives. The students of both the schools were all really welcoming, warm and friendly to the team, making everyone comfortable and assured that we were not left out at any point of time. The team also had a chance to compete in friendly matches with their table tennis teams and it was a great learning opportunity and a memorable experience for us.  We really had a great time at both the schools.

Apart from the school exchange programmes, the team also visited many historical sites and tourists attractions. One main historical site we visited was the 921 Earthquake national museum of Taiwan and learnt about the Taiwan earthquake in 1999, which was one of the worst natural disasters of the past century. We learnt about the methods to keep safe during an earthquake and also measures taken by the government to ensure the safety of the people during an earthquake. We were also able to take a look at the aftermaths of the 921 earthquake in Taiwan. Visiting this museum made me realise how lucky we Singaporeans are to be able to live peacefully and not have to constantly worry about what natural disaster might occur.

Of course, what’s a trip to Taiwan without visiting their famous night markets and some of their popular streets? We went to Ximending, Jiufen Old Town, Tamsui Old Street and Shi lin night market, which were bustling with activities and really crowded at night. It was really different from what we have in Singapore.

Some other memorable experiences of the trip include the Maokong cable car ride, the visit to the Taipei zoo and the trip to Yehliu Geopark where we got to see many fascinating icons. We also visited pacific cycles and the coca cola museum, where we learnt about their history and how they progressed over the years

The team had a chance to learn how to make two types of well-known delicacies in Taiwan which are the Tai Yang Bing and the Feng Li Shu. During the trip, we also visited the modern toilet restaurant which was a themed restaurant. The whole design of the restaurant was really toilet like, as we sat on toilet bowls and the tables were sinks. Our food was served in toilet bowls and drinks served in urinals, which was pretty disgusting but the food was still really good. Such themed restaurants are very commonly found in Taiwan. It was a great but gross experience for us.

All in all, we really enjoyed these 9 days and 8 nights in Taiwan, learning about the rich history and culture of Taiwan and at the same time also have fun. This trip also enables us to bond with one another and further enhance our table tennis team spirit.

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