Overseas Trips
22nd November 2014

Taiwan Daren High School Immersion, Girl Guides, Taiwan

On 27th December 2014, 21 Year 3 and Year 4 Girl Guides embarked on an overseas learning journey to Taiwan. The objectives of this trip were to build a global outlook among the Guides and forge international friendship when learning from the Taiwanese students through lessons in local schools. This trip also aimed to provide opportunities for our Guides to learn to be independent, develop team bonding and life skills through a variety of engaging activities. By immersing in the Taiwanese way of life, our Guides will also better appreciate Taiwanese culture and develop respect for cultural diversity.

During the 6 Days in Taiwan, our Guides went to two local schools, where they had the chance to attend various lessons together with their Taiwanese buddies. On top of that, they met the Guides and Girl Scouts of the schools and gained insight into their different activities and cultures. Also, our Guides went to Toucheng Leisure Farm where they engaged in a few activities such as fishing, rice planting and making of sky lantern that were unique and unlike any other in Singapore. Through the visit to Wulai aboriginal village and museum, our Guides learnt more about the different cultures in Taiwan. Our Guides even went on a hike up Yangmingshan National Park which was tiring but worthwhile due to the picturesque scenery.

All in all, the Guides thoroughly enjoyed the trip and have forged closer bonds through it. They also better understand the culture and practices in Taiwan after this enlightening and interesting trip.

Students’ reflections:

The visit to Taiwan was an eye opener. The Taiwanese are warm and their good work attitude is something that we can learn from. I have also learnt about the effort Taiwanese people put into recycling and caring about the environment. This is something which we can learn from them. From this trip, I got to experience many aspects of life in Taiwan.
Poh Bao Li

From this trip, I experienced many different things that I have never tried before like planting rice, feeding goats and picking fruits. I made friends with the students from Taiwan and experienced their lessons.
Vanessa Kwok

It was an enriching trip. We learnt about the culture of Taiwanese and I got to experience different ends of the spectrum of Taiwanese life through visiting night market, school exchange and farm stay. I think that the trip has fulfilled the purpose in terms of letting us immerse in another culture.
Rachel Pong

This trip has been fruitful since it allowed us to learn more about Taiwanese culture and the locals. We learnt the most from interacting with the locals through the school exchange with Daren Girls’ High School. The effort they put in into welcoming us is very heartening ad we should learn from them in this aspect.
Emily Hwang

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