Overseas Trips
26th November 2014

Taiwan Ta Hwa High School Immersion, Taiwan

76 Badminton and Volleyball players went for 9-day Taiwan Immersion programme from 26 Nov to 4 December 2014. This trip was memorable to the players as it was the first time that these two CCAs had gone for overseas learning journey together. The objectives were to allow players to learn the  immense and  varied  history  of  Taiwan through sightseeing tours of cultural and historical sites, to promote interaction and friendship between students in Singapore and Taiwan by enabling them to experience school life in Taiwan schools and foster team camaraderie.

The trip was kicked start with school visit. Our players were warmly welcomed by the Taiwanese students in the schools they visited. The badminton players visited Taipei Municipal Datong High School (臺北市立大同高中) while the volleyball players visited New Taipei Municipal Ji-Sui Junior High School(新北市立積穗國中), Taipei Municipal Daan Junior High School(臺北市大安國中).  The players joined their Taiwanese counterparts in their activities and academic lessons in the morning and then trained together with their fellow sport buddies under the guidance of their Taiwanese coaches in the afternoon. They also pit their skills against each other through friendly matches. Through this exchange, the players forged friendship with their fellow sport buddies.

Subsequently, the players went on to explore and understand the culture of Taiwan. They visited various museums (The National Palace Museum, National Museum of Natural Science, 921 Earthquake National Museum of Taiwan, Taipei Astronomical Museum) to understand the history and science and technology of Taiwan. There were various hands-on activities such as making pineapples tarts and picked their own tea leaves before roasting and drying them to enrich their trip. The trip ended with a stay at the Toucheng farm where the players had a chance to be back to nature. During the farm stay, they were also engaged in activities such as designing their own recycled bags, making of sky lanterns from biodegradable materials and it ended with barbeque under the stars.

The trip was indeed an unforgettable and enriching experience for the players as they forged friendships and savoured the culture of Taiwan.

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