Overseas Trips
22nd August 2014

Theatresports, Macau

On 25th August 2014, Yeo Rae-Nyse from 14Y5C12, Gu Tianchen from 14Y5C24, Wu Mingqian from 14Y5C32 and Wang Yifan from 14Y5C45 took part in the Annual Asia Theatresports Championship held in Macau.

During the trip, the team had the privilege to watch many interesting and exciting performances by the Hong Kong and Macau teams in the Preliminary Rounds. It was our honor to be able to perform with these experienced teams during the finals. Despite being much younger in comparison to the other competing teams, our team received positive appraisal for its unique opening skit and quick-witted improvisation. With the valuable experience gained from this international competition, we hope to contribute more in the promoting of Theatresports in Dunman High School.



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