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6th October 2012

ThinkQuest Competition 2012, USA

Students from Dunman High School, Singapore, Take Top Honors in the ThinkQuest Competition 2012

From October 2011 to April 2012, teams of students from Dunman High School challenged themselves against more than 51,000 participants from 59 countries in the international ThinkQuest competition organized by the Oracle Education Foundation that challenges students to solve problems using technology.

Dunman High School is proud to announce that two teams of students continue the school’s sustained excellent performance at the annual international web-building competition, joining the ranks of their seniors in the top global winners’ roll since 2008.

The first team consisting Kit Wei Min, Liu Yidan, Samantha Siau Jing Wen and Wong Jie Ying Felicia, all final Year 6 students, were awarded 1st place in the ThinkQuest Projects Event, 19 and Under, for their entry “World Hunger”. The team harnessed the full potential of the Internet to spread their message about food scarcity. They hope to inspire and encourage others to take part in ending starvation. Ms Christine Chen Huiqing, Level Head Year 6 and General Paper tutor, coached the award-winning team.

Another mixed team comprising Chua Yu Peng, Leong Chei Chau, Lin Yi Chen and Yee Shen Hao (Year 6), Ng Yi Yan (Year 3), Heng U San (alumnus and first-year student at Singapore Management University) were awarded 2nd place in the Digital Media Event, 19 and Under, for their entry “Animus – Let Your Ideas Take Form”. The team developed an extensively research, media rich and interactive desktop and mobile-friendly website to help users improve their presentation skills. Mr Yeo Meng Han, Head of Infocomm Technology, coached the award-winning team.

Despite their most demanding integrated programme curriculum and for most of them the hectic final year A-level examination preparation, the students aspired to, devoted time and worked diligently to research and devise creative and effective solutions to global issues by harnessing the power of technology, applying knowledge and skills learnt from their school subjects such as Computing, General Paper and Project Work. All are also members of the school’s Infocomm Club.

“The experiences in taking part in the ThinkQuest Competition definitely opened up the students’ eyes and broadened their horizons. It also affirmed the school’s mission and vision to nurture leaders of honor who care, serve and lead through scaling peaks of excellence and embracing idealism to desire to change the world for the better.”
Mr Yeo Meng Han, coach of Animus team

“ThinkQuest had definitely been a valuable experience for me. Not only has it brought this global issue closer to my heart, it has also inspired me to make a difference to help the society!”
12Y6C23 Kit Wei Min

“My experience working on this ThinkQuest project made me realize that each and every individual have the ability and the power to save the world. If we can all be compassionate towards the less fortunate, the world will definitely be a better place. ”
12Y6C23 Liu Yidan

“ThinkQuest has further proven to me that everything is possible! As students, we are not insignificant individuals but instead, people who can make differences to our communities and even the world. Through this project, I was able to learn more about pertinent social issues around the globe and broaden my horizons of knowledge. Most importantly, it has taught me the importance and virtue of sharing.”
12Y6C23 Siau Jing Wen Samantha

“Through ThinkQuest, I have gained much valuable experiences and important lessons. As a youth, I feel more empowered to do my utmost best to create positive change in the world by making use of the internet and through collaboration. Working on this ThinkQuest project is definitely an experience I would never forget!”
12Y6C23 Wong Jie Ying Felicia

“ThinkQuest has allowed me to explore what I can do to change the world, even as a student, and has taught me valuable skills such as perseverance and resourcefulness. I am now better able to appreciate the efforts of those who came before us and changed the world into what it is today, for it takes a lot of sweat and hard work to make that change happen.”
12Y6C23 Chua Yu Peng

“ThinkQuest is a fun experience and it has helped me to work with many interesting people to change the world.”
12Y6C23 Leong Chei Chau

“ThinkQuest had reminded us to believe in our potentials and always do the best we can. Our determination, perseverance and devotion towards the success of the project were put to the test, and I am proud that we had managed to stay strong as a team and made it this far. It had been an enriching experience, one that would definitely be hard to forget. ”
12Y6C23 Lin Yi Chen

“This is the 4th time I’ve participated in ThinkQuest over the past 5 years and the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from my experience in ThinkQuest is the importance of teamwork and getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of every team member in order to maximise the precious time we spend working together.”
12Y6C12 Yee Shen Hao

“This ThinkQuest competition has taught me to trust my own judgement and to be more decisive when making various decisions, and it has also allowed me to explore the unlimited possibilities of designing. I am glad to have had this chance to push our ideas out for a better world, and this has been an unbelievably enriching experience for me.”
12Y3J Ng Yi Yan

“Working on this ThinkQuest project has allowed me to meet new people with different working styles. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience putting the project together, and it has helped me to learn a lot about managing a project. It was an enriching experience exploring the various media platforms available to share knowledge on a website, and I’m confident that this experience would prove invaluable in future pursuits.”
Alumni of Dunman High School Heng U San

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