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13th February 2018

Thought of the Week: “Friendship” by 18Y6C35 Cheryl Poh Jingting (12 Feb 2018)

Cheryl Poh Jingting from 18Y6C35 shared her thoughts on friendship during this week’s Thought of the Week sharing at Flag-raising on 12 Feb 2018 (Mon):

“I am Cheryl Poh from 18Y6C35 and I’ll be sharing this week’s thought of the week on friendship.

I believe friendship is something every one of us hold close to our hearts and all of us have our share of things to say about it. But here’s what friendship means to me.

I used to be really skeptical of friendships, it felt fragile, superficial, and most of all, temporary. This was to the extent that I kept my distance from others and avoided forging closer relationships with my friends. But as Mr Ronson Neo once said, “Friendship is magic”. This quote that is etched on the hoodies of those from the class ‘5C4H’, reflects the reality I have experienced in my 6 years in dunman high as I got to know some of the ‘bestest’ friends I could ever ask for. They are the reason that I have begun to see the importance and value of friendship.

I’m not the best person to be friends with honestly, maybe even the worst. I’m constantly busy as I prioritize my 1001 callings of SC, CCA, DHLP and an endless list of commitments that it would be a shock to my friends if I even ‘jio-ed’ them out at all. I’ll barely notice, much less respond to their messages in the midst of my 421 unread chats, and hardly meet them on time as I rush from meeting different groups of acquaintances. For that, I’m really sorry, for making you feel under-appreciated, as Adelle lamented last week. But what I really am grateful for is that in spite all of this, my friends have stuck by my side. They showed me that being a true friend means taking on my baggage as their baggage. In the midst of my unending hustle, every bit of care and concern they have showed me, every bit of assistance they have offered me, is the reason I have pulled through. So to all my friends, thank you for being here with me…

Thank you for constantly worrying about my eye bags and lack of self-care, for advising me against my rash decisions and helping me make the decisions I couldn’t make.

Thank you for the tiny things like the hugs along the walkway, for tolerating my horrible ‘getai’ fashion, for forming my EP campaign team even though I didn’t run, for the spontaneous adventures even in the wee hours.

Thank you for believing in me when I was too weak and exhausted to believe in myself, for being genuinely concerned where my life is going, and for always being there for me, in our zero maintenance friendships. Thank you for knowing, accepting and loving me for who I am.

Lastly, friends, thank you for being you, because I wouldn’t be where and who I am if it weren’t for each and every one of you.

The coming Friendship day may be a day we designate for showing our love for our friends but it’s what you’ve done the 364 other days that truly counts.

Everything my friends have done for me, has shown me how cherished and unconditionally loved I am, through the ups and downs. I wished I had done more and made more sacrifices for them, or at least, showed them more often how much they really really meant to me. I’ll try harder to be a better friend! Like embarrassing my friends more! Happy belated birthday Shaun Ng Wei Yang! Oh, and take note that 18Y6C22’s Tan Sijie is turning 18 soon as well! But anyway, I hope it’s not too late now 🙂

I’ll always be here for you friends.

If you can’t remember the things I just mentioned, just remember:

  1. I hope you’d come to appreciate and be grateful for your friends who stood by you through the odds and took on your baggage as their baggage as well. Don’t let the temporary setbacks and unhappiness discount what they’ve done for you and the special bonds you’ve forged all this time. Remember how important they are to you.
  1. If you’ve not been spending quality time with your friends, not been telling them how much you love and appreciate them, not been there for them, then I urge you to do it now. It’s never too late. If they are important, do whatever it takes to keep them. Every day should be friendship day.

I have been blessed to have met every one of my friends and I’ll always want to keep them in my life for a long long time. Friends are the family you choose. This family didn’t come easy, but it can very easily be gone. So hold on to them, don’t ever let go.

Thank you!”

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