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3rd September 2019

“Thought of the Week” on Appreciating Parents

Cindy: Boy ah, stop using your phone and go do your homework!

Yiheng: Mom, but I’ve only just started, 5 more minutes please ?

Cindy: Everytime also 5 more minutes, you better start doing your work or I’ll take your phone away!

Yiheng: Sigh why do you always have to be so naggy?

 Cindy: Does this sound familiar to you? I’m sure many of you have encountered this before and felt really annoyed by your parents at some point in time. And thus, this week’s thought of the week will be on …

Both: Parents!

Cindy: More specifically, appreciating them. Even though our parents might seem strict or appear unreasonable to us at times, they truly care for us more than anything in this world.

Yiheng: Our safety, and health will always be their top priority. All they want to do is to keep us safe and happy, and that might be the reason why they appear strict.

Cindy:  More often than not, we tend to neglect showing our love and gratitude towards our parents amidst our busy schedules. Showing gratitude is not difficult and can be done through our small actions and words.

Yiheng: Our parents work and sacrifice every single day to provide us with a comfortable and privileged life. Even though we may not fully understand the reason behind some of the things that they are doing now, they will always have our best interests at heart and ultimately want to see us succeed and be happy.

Cindy: In fact, our parents constantly light up the path for us and always manage to brighten us up even the darkest of our days.

Yiheng : They’re always there to guide us through our toughest times and whenever we’re with them, we feel safe and warm.

Cindy: Our parents are such silent heroes. They still love us unconditionally even though we may be difficult or demanding.

Yiheng: I agree! We take what they do for granted and sometimes see it as their job of being a parent. Being a parent is not an easy task and we should never take their presence or their hard work for granted!  You don’t need a special occasion like Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day just to show your gratitude. You can do it any time, any day, every day!

Cindy: After all, it’s the thought that counts. We are all indeed blessed to have parents who care so deeply for us and work hard everyday to provide for our needs. Because truly without your parents, you wouldn’t have the things you have and be where you are today. In fact, you wouldn’t even be here on this earth!

Both: So today, go home and give them a hug. Tell them how much you love them and how thankful you are for everything that they do. I’m sure they’ll be touched by this sweet gesture. Thank you!


Presented by:
Huang Yongxin Cindy (19Y1A)
Han Yi Heng (19Y1A)

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