Overseas Trips
3rd December 2012

Volleyball Exchange Program in Sibu, Sarawak

The DHS volleyball team embarked on a 5-day volleyball exchange program, from 3 December to 7 December 2012, to Sibu, Sarawak in East Malaysia. The teams which went for the trip consist of players from both the A and B division. The students were also given an opportunity to learn and appreciate the rich culture and history of Sibu.

During the exchange, the teams were privileged to receive pointers from Mr. Moh Ung Min, the Chief Coach of the Sarawak Volleyball Association. He taught them not only skills, but also values in life by sharing his life experiences. The teams also played with the Sibu state teams, as well as the state’s volleyball champion school, SMK Tung Hua. Through the matches, the players gained many valuable experiences, which led to new insights into their volleyball skills and team play.

Besides the trainings and matches, the students were exposed to the culture and history of Sibu. They visited the Heritage Centre, where there were many historical artefacts, as well as a traditional Iban longhouse, to understand the past and present way of life in Sibu. They also went on a school tour in SMK Tung Hua, to appreciate the differences in the education of the two countries.

Though the trip was short, it was a meaningful exchange, with students from both countries fostering a closer bond.

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