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2nd December 2019

Y3 Taiwan Science and Cultural Trip 2019

On 12 Nov 2019, a group comprising 24 Y3 students and 3 teachers embarked on a journey to experience science education and cultural immersion in Taiwan.

One of the highlights of this trip was the visit to National Taiwan University (NTU) where we learnt various scientific concepts through hands-on activities on the experimental set up. We also carried out a biology experiment where we dissected and performed double staining on the stems and roots of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plant samples to observe the cells and vascular bundles. At the NTU farm, we made delicious rice cookies and environmentally-friendly soap before exploring the farm to learn about the various plant species and their characteristics and uses. At the university’s Ocean Engineering faculty, we witnessed how ultrasonic waves are used to measure the sediment concentration and thus determine the quality of water. We also had the experience to be inside separate echo and anechoic rooms where experiments were conducted to determine the sound insulation capabilities of materials. Some of us even had the opportunity to sail on a prototype boat which was built to measure the water resistance to its motion where such results can be used to determine the power submarines need to fire missiles under-water.

We also had two other school visits. At Kang Chiao International School, we attended a physics lesson in electronics after which we were given the chance to build our own photoelectric cars. The cars could be steered by controlling the exposure of light to sensors and was definitely a new experience for us. We also had fun making pineapple tarts with our buddies during their lessons. At Lanya Junior High School, we learnt interesting concepts through the hands-on activities built in the Physics, Chemistry and Math lessons. We had an outing to the nearby Taipei Zoo where we were able to forge closer ties with our buddies through such informal interactions.

We visited numerous museums as well. At the Suho Memorial Paper Museum, we learnt the history of Taiwan’s paper making industry and enjoyed the hands-on experience of making recycled paper. At the Taipei Astronomical Museum, we took a ride and were led along an informative tour to learn about cosmic phenomena. We visited the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology and through this, we learnt about the practices of science behind the history of the origin and life of Shisanhang locals. We visited the Mangrove Ecocenter as well to learn the adaptations of mangrove trees and their growing processes.

One of our most memorable experiences was the hike up the famous Yangmingshan against strong winds and heavy rain. Although we were not able to catch a glimpse of the clear scenery in such poor weather, we felt more bonded as we persevered and depended on one another to get through the arduous hike. Additionally, we explored the bustling night markets to experience the Taiwan culture and went up the famous Taipei 101.

This journey was surely one where knowledge was gained, friendships were forged and memories were made, and was definitely nothing short of learning, laughter and love.

Co-written by: Bryan Seah (19Y3D), Karyn Poh (19Y3J), Alicia Zhan (19Y3L) and Crystal Ho (19Y3L)

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