Overseas Trips
30th October 2016

Y3BSP, Taiwan

It was the time of the year again, when the BSP scholars were provided with the opportunity to travel abroad and experience life in an otherwise unique manner. 16 students from Dunman High School, accompanied by Madam Jiang Ling, Ms Wong Lu Ting and Ms Chia Siew Ling embarked on a journey to visit the cities of Taichung and Taipei, Taiwan for close to two weeks.

The trip was the second of six opportunities given under the scholarship to travel overseas. It was paramount for us to have cultivated an in-depth understanding of local history, culture, economics, politics and many other aspects of society. Also, as Chinese students, we have experienced the culture and way of living of other Chinese regions.

An avenue for meaningful interaction has been created as well throughout the trip, enabling us to promote international friendship and understanding.

Being our most important takeaway was the fact that all of us, including the teachers, widened our horizons through exposure to the education system and stand taken by Taiwan internationally. Immersion programmes at four different schools – Natural Way Experimental Educational School, Taipei Chenggong High School, Datong High School and Ta-ren Girls’ High School have definitely let us be more aware of the existing differences in terms of the education offered between the two countries. Notwithstanding the schools had their individual culture and way of welcome, we all felt warmly regarded by the students with their hospitality and cordiality. Taiwanese people are certainly friendly and have touched us deeply with a passion for what they do. Apart from exchanging views with people of the same generation, we also headed to National Taiwan University for lectures by Professor Chen Chih Jou and Professor Hsu Szue Chin. They shared their personal views on relations between China and Taiwan, giving us insights on what is commonly viewed as a contentious issue.

Moreover, another key highlight of the trip was experiential learning at renowned enterprises, including Want Want China Times Group, Dream Vigor and Formosa Plastics Group. Everyone was awed by the determination and perseverance displayed by the founders of these enterprises who overcame obstacles in the course of building up the company. What they always held onto were the core values that decided the direction of the path they took and ideas which guided them to success.

Needless to say, our itinerary did not spare famous tourist attractions. Destinations range from Sun Moon Lake, Xi-tou National Education area and Ying-ge Ceramics Museum to Taipei 101 as well as National Palace Museum. To this end, we have understood the limitless potential that humans are able to harness, followed by a tighter grasp of the humanities.

However, what we were most excited was none other than the night markets and old streets that speak of local heritage. Once we entered the place, the bustling night life mesmerised us completely. We were convinced to try many delicacies such as milk tea and fried chicken that are cooked most deliciously in Taiwan. Our stomachs were filled to the brim after feasting on a combination of mouth-watering food.

The takeaways from Taiwan are beyond the description of words. We have grown socially, intellectually and seen a much bigger world outside. The practices of the Taiwanese are worth understanding and applauding. We hereby express my greatest appreciation to the MOE for making this programme a successful and fruitful one. Our teachers gave us their unwavering care and support throughout the journey. The frequent consultations allowed us to iron out certain problems and seek clarifications from them. For that, we thank all three teachers from the bottom of our heart.






让同学们兴奋不已的,还有到各个老街夜市,体验台湾的当地美食。 我们踏进了著名的逢甲夜市,饶河夜市和十分老街,品尝了著名小吃,如珍珠奶茶、芋圆、木瓜牛奶、炸鸡排等等。 台湾的丰富的饮食文化,让我们在大饱口福的同时,也增长了知识。


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