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30th December 2019

Y5 Bicultural Studies Programme Beijing Trip 2019

15 Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) students, together with the teachers-in-charge Mr Timothy Low, Mdm Wang Yanchun and Ms Sim Hoon Kuan, embarked on their final immersion trip to Beijing, China. This trip spanned a total of 14 days, with highlights including lectures at Peking University, student interactions at Beijing National Day School and sightseeing of historical attractions.

Peking University (PKU) had arranged for a series of lectures, with dedicated and experienced professors sharing their opinions on China’s economy and its international relations. These lectures provided us with valuable insights that broadened our perspectives in writing our thesis, as well as value-added to our understanding of the GCE A-Level China Studies in Chinese (CSC) syllabus. Our time in PKU also included interactions with our own alumni who shared their experiences in PKU as well as insights to studying abroad. Additionally, students also had the opportunity to sit-in for a PKU lecture, together with students who studied the particular subject in PKU, allowing students to have a better idea of how it is like studying in PKU.

At Beijing National Day School (BNDS), we had the opportunity to interact with BNDS students, learning more about each other’s school and culture. We were also presented the opportunity to sit-in one lesson with a BNDS student and to our surprise, most of these lessons were conducted in English as the students we interacted with are taking the international exams, allowing them to enter universities in US, UK etc. We were also given a tour around the school led by students of BNDS, allowing us to know more about the history and culture of this school. Many of us were also amazed by the wide range of activities students can choose from as part of their curriculum. There were lessons such as coffee-making, movie filming and many others that were very technologically advanced, allowing students to attain various skills. The experience at BNDS was truly eye-opening and all of us had many takeaways from it as well.

We also visited Beijing Gubei Water Town where many of us enjoyed the time there as our final stop before we left Beijing. Despite the cold weather, we were able to spend a good time walking the streets, enjoying the sights of the water town.

Having this insightful Beijing trip come to an end, students concluded the three years of BSP immersion trips with nothing but knowledge and good memories. Three years seemed to have passed in a flash but all of us are very thankful for these 6 trips for we had grown so much from the first time we met one another.






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