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14th May 2014

Year 2 Level Camp 2014, Johor Bahru

The adventure is out there!

On 14 May 2014, 379 students and 25 teachers set off for a fun-filled four-day escapade at the Kota Rainforest Adventure Centre in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. Their journey kicked off to a good start with a smooth-sailing clearance at the two Immigration Checkpoints and their subsequent safe arrival at the campsite.

The scorching sun greeted the Dunmanians as they took on the challenges of the various activities, such as the Low Wall, Giant Finger and Indiana Jones. Many students welcomed the Jetty Jump with open arms as they took the plunge into the cool water to beat the heat. Another popular station was the Extreme Sports Tower, for which students queued up patiently to experience scaling the rock wall, abseiling down the tower and cruising down the zipline.

Besides the activities at the campsite, the highlight of the Level Camp was undoubtedly the trek to the Pelepah Waterfalls. Exhibiting teamwork, Dunmanians supported each other as they guided and helped their teammates across many obstacles during the trail, before finally arriving at the waterfalls to cool off.

Enduring the chilly temperature at the waterfalls, Dunmanians took up the challenge to sing the school song at the top of their lungs. With the calming sounds of gushing water in the background, the students’ united voice resonated proudly through the jungle. The loud echoes of the song will remain in the hearts of our Dunmanians for a long time to come.

No adventure beyond the comfort of our home boundaries is complete without some cultural immersion programme. This time, our Dunmanians were treated to an authentic assortment of cultural activities, such as batik painting, kite making and cooking a local crispy delicacy, known as rempeyek, as part of their kampong (Malay village) visit.

To top it off, every student indulged in many novel experiences, such as the time when they cooked their first meal in the outdoors and fireflies gazing, which ended the day on a high note as students took a cruise along the gleaming river and be mesmerised by the sparkles on the trees underneath the captivating bright moonlight.

The grand finale of the adventure was the spectacular campfire organised by the students. The audience was treated to a medley of songs, accompanied by loud cheers and memorable performances by the students. Amplifying the spectacle, teachers and students alike were offered a platter of entertainment, which included an adaptation of A Minute to Win It game show. Everybody left the campfire with plenty of laughter and smiles on their faces, capping off what had been an energising four-day camp.

As with all good things, the camp had to come to an end. The Level Camp was not only a great adventure and opportunity for the students to bond as one; it exposed them to a different environment and culture. At the end of the camp, the students were left with valuable and memorable impressions of their time with their level mates as they attempted the various courses at the campsite, explored deep into the waterfalls and ventured into the local villages. Adventure was definitely the name of the game at this year’s camp, as some Dunmanians have shared below:

“We helped our peers when they faced problems, bearing smiles at the end of each day. Stepping out of our comfort zones and social circles to participate and contribute. I feel that we had all cooperated, working together as a team; united and to each his own leader. “
14Y2D Wang Zixuan

“I feel that this has widened my horizon and awakened my sense of adventure, which is what this year’s theme is: Adventure is Out There!”
14Y2L Wen Jun Gao Calvin

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