Overseas Trips
16th May 2016

Year 3 Level Camp 2016, Malaysia

Singapore and Malaysia enjoy warm bilateral ties, not least due to the fact how similar our multiracial societies are.  To appreciate the harmony that we enjoy in society today requires one to embrace diversity and be sensitive towards other cultures.

The Year 3 Malacca Overseas Learning Journey achieved these objectives and more, allowing students to not only study the history of Malacca but also immerse themselves in various cultures ranging from Malay to Peranakan traditions. One of the highlights of the trip was the visit to the schools in Malacca, where students relished the opportunity to interact with local students and participate in traditional Malay games and arts.

Students also learnt about the challenges businesses face in today’s globalised world, and how it is important to constantly innovate to stay relevant and keep up with business competitors.

The many lessons that students learnt on the trip will serve them well as they reflect on issues of diversity and heritage that Singapore faces in a hyper globalising world.

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