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7th September 2019

Year 3 Sports Leaders Camp 2019

On 30 August, 32 Year 3 Sports Leaders participated in a 2D1N camp organised by the Year 4 Sports Leaders. The Sports Leaders represented the 8 Junior High Sports CCAs – Softball, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Track and Field, Wushu and Air Weapons Club. The theme for this year’s camp was “Strength in Diversity” and the camp sought to instill skills and values that were necessary for any sports leader – commitment, communication skills and adaptability.

The Year 3s were kept busy with several team-building activities designed to hone their leadership skills as well as a memorable physical training session which demanded their perseverance as they fought to continue through their fatigue. Mr Jay-Hykel, a national rugby player, was also invited to share his personal journey as an athlete. Overall, Sports Leaders Camp 2019 was a success, as everyone enjoyed themselves, and had many takeaways on how to lead their respective teams.

“I learnt that if we want to motivate and influence the juniors, as captains, we would have to set the standards. For example, if we want the juniors to not complain during PT, we would first have to meet this expectation ourselves. This proves to them that if we can do it, they can do it too. Furthermore, I also learnt about the importance of communication. To be able to lead the team well, we need to be able to effectively convey our instructions. Communication is also key in bringing the team together as we need to know how to connect with the team in order to better convey our ideas.” –  Tan Kay Ting, Cheryl (19Y3E)


“The most tiring yet most satisfying activity for me was the physical training. It taught me commitment especially when we were all struggling to do the wall sit for 3 minutes. Although we were shaking and trembling, every single sports leader had to endure. There are many reasons why we wanted to endure – because we do not want to redo, we wanted to complete the activity quickly, we do not want to be a liability to others and we wanted to remain committed to what we had signed up to do. This is similar to a game of basketball. No matter how strong our opponents are on court, we still have to give our 101 percent. Our aim is to ‘Win with Pride and Lose with Dignity’. This is so that we know that we have tried our best and win or lose with no regrets.” – Jaden Chew (19Y3C)

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