School Events
29th December 2016

Year-End Staff Seminar

Dunman High School’s Year-End Staff Seminar 2016 opened with a flurry of fresh and exciting updates to the school, including the introduction of our newly appointed Principal, Mr Tony Low. In his opening address, Mr Low invited the staff into his teaching and leadership philosophy, which was primarily centred on the collaborative spirit and pursuit of learning amongst a united staff. As he shared the Ministry of Education’s Work-Plan Seminar Speech by Minister Ng Chee Meng, Mr Low reemphasised the importance of forward thinking and planning in today’s education landscape, and the importance of cultivating the Singapore spirit, the joy of learning and the entrepreneurial dare in our students. All staff had the opportunity to reflect and share their thoughts on these educational objectives through engaging online applications and cross-departmental discussions.

In the afternoon of the 29th, the staff proceeded with the annual Most Innovative Teaching Award (MITA) presentations and judging process. Three Junior High teams and three Senior High teams slugged it out on stage, dazzling spectators with interactive modes of presentation and refreshing pedagogical insights. When the dust settled, it was the JH Biology Team and SH Chemistry Team that captured the top prizes. Congratulations to all winners and participants!

The first highlight of Day Two was the Mental Health Awareness workshop conducted by Ms Wendy Lau, our school’s designated counsellor. With happier students come greater learning attitudes and academic achievement, which is why the school places so much emphasis on students’ socio-emotional wellbeing. Through several case studies, all teachers learned to identify student behaviour that may indicate emotional distress, and learned why and how students might self-harm, and how to respond effectively as mentors.

To cap the event, the staff bonded over a collaborative painting activity, a first-time experience for many. This captivating activity saw teachers from different departments painting on square canvases, which, when placed in formation with other canvases, formed meaningful messages about the Singapore spirit, joy of learning and entrepreneur dare. There were truly many magical moments as every staff member was engaged and not a drop of creative juice was spared that afternoon. While there were only three group prizes, every staff member was a winner as they took home not just the physical artwork as a souvenir but also memories of the collaborative process and enough critical insights to ready them for the new school year.

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