Bicultural Studies Programme

The Dunman High Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) is offered by the Chinese and English Departments to nurture students in their bicultural disposition.

The Bicultural Studies programmes are designed to build a strong language foundation in students and broaden their horizon to prepare them for the challenges of increasingly complex world.

Apart from learning the compulsory subjects of Higher Chinese and Language Arts, all Junior High students (Year 1 to Year 4) will also have the opportunity to attend enrichment modules like the Appreciation of Chinese Culture in Year 1 & 2 and Bilingual Programme in Year 4.

In addition, Chinese and English teachers collaborate to design and implement the BSP to achieve a rich and dynamic fusion of language use, translation and literary study. Language Arts lessons in English enphasises analytical and creative language and literary skills in students and the Higher Chinese lessons emphasises writing skills and cross-cultural perspectives. The Bilingual Programme, with the use of materials like literature texts, is designed to equip our students with basic translation skills, and to take them to new levels of creative expression and critical analysis, while strengthening the fundamentals of formal writing and oral presentation.



所有中一至中四综合课程的学生,除学习高级华文及英文文艺外,在中一、中二阶段,他们也将修读中华文史鉴赏(Appreciation of Chinese Culture);中四还必须修读双语课程(Bilingual Programme)。

德明双文化课程的华文与英文老师,在高级华文及英文文艺(Language Arts)的语文课程基础上,携手策划一系列的双文化深广课程,如双语课程。英文文艺课程着重于训练学生对文学文本的分析及鉴赏能力;高级华文课程则着重于训练学生的语文书写能力以及对中西文化差异的辨析能力。在语文课程的基础上,双语课程则进一步通过对文学语料、生活语料及语文翻译技能的学习,让学生在写作与口语能力得以强化的同时,创意和批判性思维能力亦得以提升。

Chinese Programme

The DHS Chinese Programme aims to increase students’ interest in learning the language and improving their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through learning of the language, we seek to provide students a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditional values.


English Programme

The English Department in Dunman High School aims to nurture and develop critical thinkers and effective communicators who are able to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century. Students are able to negotiate and make meaning of a plethora of information, and present their own ideas and opinions with clarity and confidence.


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