DHS65 – Opening of ‘Remembering Your Roots’ Wall Mural

‘Remembering Your Roots’ Wall Mural @MRL – Plaque Write-up

Mr Sam Goi is an entrepreneur and investor who has made a name for himself as Singapore’s legendary “Popiah King”. Born in Fuqing, China, Mr Goi came to Singapore with his mother at a young age. During his secondary school years, he studied in Dunman High School. From humble beginnings, he has navigated numerous ups and downs of the business world, overcoming obstacles with steadfast determination. Mr Goi started out in the food industry, and his business empire has since expanded into healthcare, water treatment, technology, logistics and education. He also serves as the Non-Resident Ambassador to Brazil. Over the years, he has contributed actively to the development of Singapore as he firmly believes in giving back to society. In all his endeavours, he has never forgotten his original aspirations and remains rooted to his core values.  To provide Dunmanians with well-equipped facilities, he made a generous donation for the construction of this library, which he named in memory of his mother, Yu Ik Ngok. This reflects his sincere gratitude towards his mother for his upbringing, and serves as an exemplary example for all. It is also hoped that Mr Goi’s kind and generous gesture will motivate Dunmanians to put their hearts and minds into their studies, and to contribute back to their alma mater and society in future. 




‘Remembering Your Roots’ Wall Mural @ MRL – Music Synopsis of “A Son’s Wish”


Mr Sam Goi, Honorary Chairman of the School Advisory Committee, came to Singapore with his mother at the age of six. Having finally achieved success after overcoming many challenges in life, he is eternally grateful to his mother for his upbringing and her inculcation of values. When Mr Goi donated generously to the building of this library in Dunman High School, he dedicated and named it the Yu Ik Ngok Library in memory of her.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Yu Ik Ngok Library. As a token of gratitude to Mr Goi, composer and DHS alumnus Mr Phang Kok Jun was commissioned to compose the musical piece, “A Son’s Wish”. This piece features unabashed lyricism and beauty, with much expressive moments that symbolise the love between children and their mothers. 

This piece will be performed by the Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra during the DHS65 Anniversary Celebrations which coincides with the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Yu Ik Ngok Library. It represents an ode to a mother’s great and selfless love, and the son’s everlasting respect, memory and gratitude towards his mother. 

游英月图书馆 ── 乐曲《游子心》简介





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