JH (Sec) CCAs

The Junior High (Sec) CCAs are made up of 4 categories of CCAs in Dunman High School namely the Performing Arts, Sports & Games, the Uniformed Groups and Clubs & Societies*. Many of these CCAs are rich in tradition and strong in achievements and will provide many opportunities to develop students’ characters and holistic qualities. All students MUST participate in ONE CCA.

*Only applicable to Art Club, Infocomm and Robotics

Admission to most CCAs is by merit. Students are required to attend auditions/trials before being accepted.

Performing Arts
 Chinese Society
– Dance
– Drama
Chinese Orchestra
(including Guzheng Ensemble)
English Drama Society
– Dance
– Drama
String Ensemble
Symphonic Band

Clubs & Societies
Art Club
STEAM Collective
Only Available as 2nd CCA
Chinese Society
– Beijing Opera
– Calligraphy
Oratorical Society – Debate
Library Society 

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JH (Sec) 中学部

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