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31st May 2015

English Literature Overseas Learning Journey, United Kingdom

38 Dunmanians from Secondary 3 and 4, accompanied by 3 teachers, visited the United Kingdom for their English Literature Learning Journey from 31st May to 9th June 2015. They visited London, York, Bath, Haworth, Lake District and Stratford-upon-Avon, immersing themselves in the English literary culture.

The objectives of the trip were:

  • To develop global awareness and cross-cultural skills in Dunmanians through cultural and academic sharing with 2 UK schools.
  • To provide opportunities for students to interact with Singaporean students in the UK to better understand the Singaporean perspective on life in the UK
  • To expose students to and provide first-hand experience of England’s rich literary tradition as well as visit the BBC or equivalent.
  • To learn about great writers by going on literary trails (Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Bronte sisters, Keats etc)
  • To watch a play at the Globe, a West End production and a play in the park
  • To encourage critical appreciation (critical analysis) of Literature and inspire creative writing through student participation in customised creative writing, journalism and drama workshop workshops


During the learning journey, the students visited the homes of famous writers such as Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, William Shakespeare, John Keats and William Wordsworth. These visits were followed by guided tours and literature workshops.

The students got the opportunity to watch 3 different plays in the U.K. They watched the a critically acclaimed performance of Macbeth, a text that they have studied, at the renowned Globe Theatre. Then also enjoyed Peter Pan at the Regent’s Park, one of the royal parks of London and experienced the award winning musical, War Horse, at the West End.

Visit to two different schools, Keswick School and Cotswold School, in the UK exposed students to the British education system. Our students had the opportunity to interact with students and teachers, make new friends, attend lessons and have a better understanding of their infrastructure through the school tour. This also helped compare the learning environment and appreciate the facilities and opportunities we have here in Singapore. Furthermore, our students toured the campus of Oxford University and were introduced to the rich history and culture of the University. They also met students from the Dunman High Alumni in London who shared their experiences at university with the group.

Learning processes

The visits to the homes of the great English writers and poets were coupled with workshops and guided tours specific to these artists and helped students better understand their literary era, practical concerns that shaped their writing and the setting that inspired their verse and prose. The students also took part in creative writing workshops that helped them better understand the creative writing process across different forms. Our students drew inspiration from their surroundings and were given time to reflect and work on their own creative pieces.

The interactive BBC tour in London also helped students explore the world of journalism and allowed them to experience the roles of newscasters, weathermen and radio play actors. They also explored drama through a workshop on Macbeth at the Globe and went on the Drury Lane Theatre backstage tour.

The students not only gained insights about literature but also developed their confidence and inter-personal skills through their interaction with peers and locals.

This is what the students had to say:

“Personally, it has really exposed me to a new style of writing that Romantic poets were inclined to write in. I learnt to look at nature, at my surroundings, in a different light and this has added a new dimension to my writing.”
Ding Jaye, 15Y4F

“It was so fulfilling and I learnt so much that I had no regrets even when we were leaving UK.”
Gwendolyn Say, 15Y4E

“It was truly an eye-opener and I learnt so much during this trip. I am truly inspired and fell in love with literature all over again!”
Poh Bao Li, 15Y4L

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