11th August 2019

LTA Study Awards Ceremony 2019

The LTA Study Awards Ceremony 2019 was held on 6 August 2019 at the LTA Auditorium. Our student, Aaron Mai Shengting (6C31), received the LTA Book Prize from Chief Executive, Mr Ngien Hoon Ping. The LTA Book Prize is part of LTA’s continuous efforts to nurture young engineering talents for the land transport community.

Here’s what Aaron has to say about his award:

“I  am lucky to be selected for the book prize, and the LTA Induction Day has really opened my eyes to the working gears behind our MRT systems. The future of Singapore and the capacity of our transport system cannot be separated. Not only must the transport system become more robust and efficient, it must also evolve to address worrying global trends, such as climate change and terrorism. To my peers and juniors, sometimes we do not dream big enough, because we fear big dreams will lead to greater disappointments. But we cannot have a future we want if we do not dare to imagine. So, dream big, and one day, your dreams will be the very wings that carry you to your destination!”

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