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3rd July 2018

“Rejuvenate @ Dunman High – Leaving a Legacy” (School Management Team Retreat)

On 19th June 2018, Key Personnel and Senior Teachers from the school had their first combined retreat at the Devan Nair Institute. The theme this year was: “Rejuvenate @ Dunman High – Leaving a Legacy”. During the workshop, the facilitators from Rohei helped the participants to think about how the school could enhance the Dunmanian DNA, as well as anticipate future needs and realities that their students would face.

As we transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution, major shifts in technology are bound to bring about equally significant changes to the way people need to be educated. As such, there is a need to strengthen the inner resilience in Dunmanians and teachers alike, so as to better navigate these changes and challenges in the long run.

The sharing by one of the guest speakers, Ms Reena Rajasvari, during the retreat highlighted the importance of Control, Ownership, Reach & Endurance (CORE). Ms Reena shared how she had lost her sight at the age of 28, and how she embarked on a difficult but rewarding journey of transformation that eventually gave her the strength to come to terms with her life situation and overcome adversity.

“Shut down the regrets from yesterday and worries from tomorrow so that you can focus on today,” Ms Reena shared. The team was very much inspired by her courage and positive attitude towards life.

In addition, with the guidance from the facilitators, the team also learnt about the strategy of Appreciative Inquiry. Through the four phases of “Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny,” the team identified the school’s strengths, and envisioned collectively ways to live out the school vision of “The Premier School of Leaders of Honour”. To conclude, the retreat was a meaningful and fruitful time spent, one that left the team excited and better equipped for the journey ahead to nurture future-ready Dunmanians.

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