School Exchanges & Visits
12th February 2018

Sagano High School Local School Exchange 19 Jan 2018

Name of Institution: Sagano High School
Country of Origin: Japan
Visiting Personnel: 81 Students
Activity: School Exchange (Single Day)
Date: 19 Jan 2018

On 19th January 2018, 3H and 3J hosted a group of 81 Japanese students from Sagano High School. Here’s what some of our Dunmanians had to say about their experience:

“The exchange was an eye-opening and fulfilling one. Through this experience, I was able to learn more about the Japanese culture. Our buddies shared with us about life in Japan, the different traditional activities and Japanese entertainment such as anime and manga. It was truly an eye opener for my group and me. For example, we experienced first-hand Japanese hospitality as the gifts they gave us were so carefully thought out and sincere. We also learnt how to host overseas students as we had to conduct a school tour and make sure they felt welcomed. However, I think that the experience would have been made better if we remembered the Japanese names of the different locations in the school beforehand as during our school tour, we realised that the Japanese students did not understand our English that well. It would also be better if there were ice-breaker games so that they would not feel so awkward and out of place. As I was part of the planning committee, this experience also improved my leadership skills and provided me with an experience that was unforgettable.”

— 18Y3J Lee Yee Xuan

“During the gift exchange, we received many gifts. We were very touched by this gesture and felt kind of ashamed that we did not buy as many gifts for them. We got to interact with the students and got to know more about their culture and their school’s background. Similarly, we were also given the opportunity to share our culture and history with our Japanese counterparts. It was an eye-opening experience, being able to interact with others of a different country. Although at times we had difficulty communicating, we eventually learnt how to bridge the gap by simplifying the words we used. At the end of the exchange programme, it was sad that we had to say good-bye to our new friends from a faraway land. Well, as the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’. Indeed, our exchange and interaction may have ended, but our friendship forged today will never end.”

— 18Y3J Trevor Ong Yee Siang

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