7th November 2018

Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge Trophy 2018

During the June holidays, the DHS badminton team participated in the Wee Kim Wee Badminton Challenge Trophy tournament. The competition lasted for a week, from 4th to 10th of June, and was held at the arena country club in the ‘far-away land’ of Joo Koon. Despite the competition being held during the June holidays, all the participants sacrificed their rest time to participate and prepare for the competitions by attending training sessions, waking up early in the morning to travel to the competition venue and even joining an intensive Penang training trip a week before the start of the competition.

It can be said that our hard work paid off, and in this case, the effort which we had put in as a whole really showed in the results achieved. We are very proud to say that the four teams sent in, namely two teams per gender, all reached the top 4, with both the boys’ and girls’ first teams emerging as champions while the second teams of both gender managed to clinch the joint 3rd positions in their respective categories. It was a historic moment for us as well since it was the first time that the second team of the boys managed to clinch the top four position for this competition since we started to participate 9 years ago.

Firstly, the girls’ Team 1 followed the fine tradition laid down by their predecessors by beating the team from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School with an overall score of 3-0 to clinch the gold medal. The team comprised of:

  • Chew Jing Wen (3J – Captain)
  • Han Xuan Ying, Elita (4E)
  • Fu Ying Yu, Natalie (4I)
  • Zhang Xintong (3B)
  • Choo Yan Ying, Desiree (3K)
  • Gwendolyn Tan Xing Xuan (2D)
  • Ong Zhen Yi Giselle (2D)
  • Shiow Yu Xuan Rachael (2G)

Next, the boys’ Team 1 retained their hold on the Champion title by beating the team from Hwa Chong Institution in the finals with a score of 3-1. It was a very sweet ‘revenge’ for the B boys for they had lost to the same team with a score of 2-3 during the second round of the NSG Badminton Championships (National Level), which nearly cost the team a chance in the NSG top 4 this year!  The team consisted of:

  • Kong Zhen Guang (4C – Captain)
  • Gan Chee Siang (4B)
  • Tan Wei Jian (4B)
  • Kriston Choo Jun Hao (4C)
  • Ryan Soh Jing Zhi (4C)
  • Chew Jinn Ming (4K)
  • Matthias Lim Jun Yan (3C)
  • Tea Shawn (3H)
  • Randall Lye Woon Hong (2E)

The boys’ Team 2, comprising of:

  • Daniel Lim Rui (4A – Captain)
  • Han Rui Chou Joshua (4H)
  • Yeo Gek Kai (4I)
  • Tan Yi le (2A)
  • Daniel Wong Jian Heng (2D)
  • Soo Joon Kai (2F)
  • Ang Qi Yuan (1B)
  • New Swee Yong Ethan (1D)
  • Du Chuang (1H),

unfortunately, could not make it past Hwa Chong Institution in the semi-finals to make the finals a all Dunman High affair. However, we are really proud of them for making it so far as the team was made up mostly of year 1 and 2 players, who gave their best against the bigger and stronger year 3 and 4 boys from Hwa Chong and exhibited their fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude. The three year 4 boys in the team 2, Daniel, Joshua and Gek Kai, also deserved special mention for they had exhibited great leadership qualities in encouraging and inspiring the juniors to punch above their weight to reach the semi finals against all odds.

Similarly, the girls’ Team 2, comprising of:

  • Mandy Khor Le Xuan (2H – Captain)
  • Trinh Weng See Alyssa (2A)
  • Tan Wan Nee Ariel Rosabelle (2C)
  • Tan Soon Ting, Emma (1A)
  • Rosalind Cao Yuqin (1B)
  • Ivie Poh Yong Qi (1C)
  • Han Rui En Clarisse (1F)
  • Lim Eun Kah (1J),

was made up mostly of year 1 and 2 players and credits should be given to them for consistently beating opponents older than them to reach the semi-finals, where similarly, they lost to the other finalist from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School.

Good job to all of the teams.

Lastly, we would like to thank:

  • Our coach, Mr Toh Wee Kai, for his guidance and advice which helped us greatly with our matches
  • Our seniors, Pei Zhe Yi Randall (6C43) and Ng Jun Wei (Year 9), for coming down to coach us when Mr Toh was unable to make it
  • Our teachers in charge, Ms Fang Chye Pin and Mr Yap Kok Hung for their unwavering support and belief in us
  • The school and our Principal, Mr Tony Low, for all their financial support, and for allowing us to enter the competition under the school’s name and giving us a opportunity to earn glory for the school
  • Our parents, who are always there giving us the much-needed support

You can be rest assured that the badminton team will continue to work harder to reach even greater heights!


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