2016 Cohort

Secondary & Pre-University Scholarships 2017

Our Junior High and Senior High students have once again done the school proud by clinching the following scholarships:

S/N Category Scholarship/Award Number of Students
1 Secondary A*STAR Science Award 1
2 Secondary DSTA-YDSP Academic Award 4
3 Secondary DSTA-YDSP Scholarship 2
4 Secondary MOE SAP Scholarship 13
5 Secondary Prime Minister Book Prize 1
6 Pre-U A*STAR Science Award 4
7 Pre-U DSTA-YDSP Academic Award 2
8 Pre-U DSTA Junior College Scholarship 3
9 Pre-U Land Transport Authority Book Prize 1
10 Pre-U MOE Pre-U Scholarship 4
11 Pre-U MOE Chinese Language Elective Scholarship 2
12 Pre-U MOE Japanese Language Elective Scholarship 2
13 Pre-U MOE German Language Elective Scholarship 1
14 Pre-U MOE Music Elective Scholarship 1
15 Pre-U Singapore Police Force Book Prize 2

Undergraduate Scholarships 2017

Our class of 2016 has also done our school proud with their good academic results in the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, their outstanding CCA achievements, as well as their contributions to the community, and talents in non-academic areas. Many have also been awarded scholarships by various organisations and universities, a key milestone in their journey of growth, as they learn how best to serve and impact the community and society at large with their myriad talents and gifts.

The scholarships obtained include:

  • Public Service Commission Scholarship
  • Singapore Government Scholarship
  • Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship
  • Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarship
  • Ministry of Health Holdings Scholarship
  • Ministry of Family and Social Development Scholarship
  • A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship
  • AVA Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Defence Science and Technology Agency Scholarship
  • Economic Development Board Scholarship
  • Housing and Development Board Scholarship
  • International Enterprise (IE) Singapore Scholarship
  • Nparks Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Changi Airport Group Scholarship
  • Scholarships from local and overseas universities
Type of Scholarship Number Awarded*
Public Service Commission (PSC) 2
Ministry 10
Statutory Board 3
Local University 50
Overseas University 7
Private Organisation 2
Others 3

*Information is accurate as of 21 September 2017.

Thoughts and Reflections from our Dunmanians

Let’s meet some of our Dunmanians from the Class of 2016 and hear from them about their thoughts on their choice of undergraduate studies as well as the scholarships they have been awarded! They have also shared some reflections and words of advice for Dunmanians who are still on their journey of learning in DHS.

Phoebe Shihui Collins诗惠
Class: 16Y6C24
Country of Study: United States of America
Course of Study: Economics
University: University of California, Los Angeles
Scholarship Awarded: PSC Scholarship

“I feel deeply humbled to have received the PSC scholarship. I also feel very grateful to my school Dunman High, as it was during my years here that I developed a passion for service. The many opportunities I had to serve my community, both in and outside of school, confirmed my dream of joining the civil service.

If I could share a piece of advice with my juniors, one that I still struggle to follow myself, it is to fear less. Ask a question in a crowded seminar! Speak up at a MUN conference! Propose an idea to your CCA EXCO! Take a deep breath and go for it!”

— 16Y6C24 Phoebe Shihui Collins诗惠

Wam Xiu Hui Rachel 范琇惠
Class: 16Y6C12
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Law and Liberal Arts
University: National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS College
Scholarship Awarded: PSC Scholarship (Foreign Service)

“I feel immensely thrilled, grateful and humbled to have received the PSC Scholarship in Foreign Affairs. A career in the Foreign Service is a beautiful alignment of my interest in global affairs, people, and society, along with my passion to serve my country and our people. The Foreign Service presents me with an invaluable opportunity, one in equal parts challenging and fulfilling, to shape Singapore’s relations with the rest of the world. Joining the Foreign Service, I am excited to promote Singapore to the world, and to form deep friendships with those from other cultures so that I can protect the country I hold so dear to my heart. To me, representing Singapore and what it stands for is a profound task that I am honoured to undertake.

To my juniors, it would be to always curiously and fearlessly pursue the things you love. Be driven by love and not fear, for your passions will keep your soul burning in the darkest nights. Most importantly, do not be afraid to dream big and to aim high — you never know what you are capable of until you try!”

— 16Y6C12 Wam Xiu Hui Rachel 范琇惠

Ng Shu Wei 黄书蔚
Class: 16Y6C24
Country of Study: United Kingdom
Course of Study: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
University: University of Oxford
Awards: Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Bicultural Students, Prime Minister’s Book Prize

“It is my privilege to be receiving both the Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Bicultural Students and the Prime Minister’s Book Prize. Becoming truly bilingual and bicultural has always been, and continues to be, an aspiration of mine. One of my greatest takeaways from my time in Dunman High has undoubtedly been the ability to appreciate the nuances in both languages, as well as in culture and history.

For this, I have my teachers to thank for their unwavering dedication and faith in us. I am also thankful to my peers who have walked the same journey as I have, and to my family who have provided endless support.

My experiences as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) scholar have helped me develop a keen interest in global affairs and a comprehensive world view. I am keen to further my interest in these aspects and am determined to continue seeking avenues to improve both my Chinese and English language abilities.”

— 16Y6C24 Ng Shu Wei 黄书蔚

Ong Yuki 王钰淇
Class: 16Y6C44
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Medicine
University: National University of Singapore

“My motivation to pursue medicine is centred on my desire to heal the physical condition and emotional state of people. The unique doctor-patient relationship appeals to me as I aspire to understand the personal stories of people and support them throughout difficult periods of their lives. My volunteer and hospital attachment experiences also enabled me reflect on the strength of the human spirit in overcoming disease and disability, and it strengthened my commitment to fight alongside my patients, to give them a new lease of life and to create opportunities to fulfil their wishes.

Life as a medical student has been an extremely exciting and holistic experience. While learning about the complexities of the human body, I am also involved in both local and overseas health screening projects, and these have allowed me to integrate my knowledge with providing care and comfort to others.

To my juniors: Find what gives your life meaning and purpose, and go pursue it!”

— 16Y6C44 Ong Yuki 王钰淇

Lee Yuan Ching 李缘晴
Class: 16Y6C13
Country of Study: China
Course of Study: Chinese Language and Literature
University: Peking University
Scholarship Awarded: Peking University Scholarship

“The decision to pursue Chinese Language and Literature in Peking University has ever since provided me the invaluable experience of immersing myself in the wonders of China and the Chinese Language, especially in the historical and cultural aspect. As an International student here, I hope to bring back to Singapore not only knowledge of my course, but more importantly, a matured global perspective over my 4 years of study in China.

I would encourage my juniors to explore all possibilities. Give yourself ample time to consider all options never be afraid to aim high. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets you on fire and make no regrets.”

— 16Y6C13 Lee Yuan Ching 李缘晴

Cheng Enshu 成恩澍
Class: 16Y6C31
Country of Study: United Arab Emirates
Course of Study: Economics
University: New York University Abu Dhabi

“I decided to study in NYUAD because I was attracted by NYUAD’s international experience and its generous financial aid. NYUAD is home to more than 115 nationalities and people of all faiths.

Through NYU’s global network, I am able to utilise NYU’s academic resources in economics and also study multiple semesters in NYU global campuses (including NYU New York and London School of Economics). Its liberal arts curriculum also allows me to apply multidisciplinary perspectives on economic studies. Being in the best university in Middle East, NYUAD students also enjoy so many perks such as free trips to Louvre Abu Dhabi and the desert.

I am majoring in Economics (Concentration in Finance) with three minors in Mathematics, Film and Computer Science respectively. I am leaning towards a career in Quantitative Hedge Fund or investment banking.

For those adventurous Dunmanians, I am urging you to be confident and apply to prestigious universities overseas. DHS has offered us a solid education that allows us to thrive everywhere.”

— 16Y6C31 Cheng Enshu 成恩澍

Tan Le Xuan 陈乐轩
Class: 16Y6C23
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Information Systems Technology and Design
University: Singapore University of Technology & Design
Scholarship Awarded: SUTD Asian Leadership Programme Scholarship

“My passion for programming and modern digital innovations guided my decision to further my studies at SUTD in the future, under the Information Systems Technology and Design curriculum. The experiential approach in education taken by SUTD makes it a superb fit for me as I appreciate hands-on learning.

As the digital industry is so vast and wide-ranging, I am still trying my hand at various specialisations. Eventually, however, I aspire to be able to enter the field of game development.

To the juniors: If you have an idea of where your future studies and career will take you, that’s great! But if you feel lost, don’t be pressured into choosing paths you are unsure of. Take your time to follow your instincts, explore your interests and even try new things!”

— 16Y6C23 Tan Le Xuan 陈乐轩

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