The Dunman High School Senior High (JC) CCAs have been designed to provide opportunities for students to discover their interests and pursue their passions and to develop new peaks of excellence at Senior High. Students in the Dunman High Integrated Programme can choose to continue in the same CCA so as to further develop their areas of talent or leadership abilities or join a new CCA at the end of Year. There are also opportunities for students to pursue Student-Initiated Interest Groups.

The Senior High (JC) CCA programme comprises school-based CCAs and student-driven activities:

1) Core CCas are designated by the school as key CCAs because they are either niche areas of excellence in Junior High, which we want to continue in Senior High, or new areas that appeal to youth, where the seniors can lead in promoting excellence.

2) Student-Initiated Interest groups (SIg) refer to group-based activities which do not have the critical mass or a clear 30-week plan. Students may proceed with the activity on a project or ad-hoc basis. All SIGs must be registered with the CCA Department and approval must be granted before events/ programmes/ activities can be carried out.

Performing Arts

Core CCAs
Chinese Society
– Beijing Opera 
– Drama
Chinese Orchestra (including Guzheng Ensemble)
Dance Society
– Modern Dance
– d’movement
English Drama Society
Guitar Ensemble
String Ensemble
Symphonic Band

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SH (JC) 高中部

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